Escaped convict resided in Brady

The spectacular prison escape at Kenedy in South Texas on Dec. 13 by seven Connally inmates has turned up a Brady connection. A report in Sunday’s issue of The Dallas Morning News revealed that one of the escapees was arrested in Brady some two and one-half years ago. Donald Keith Newbury, 38, a native of Albuquerque, N. Mex., was arrested at his 1305 South High residence in August 1998 after a publicly aired surveillance video and a Crimestoppers tip of his holdup of a La Quinta Inn along Interstate 35 South in Austin led to his arrest. At the time of his arrest, Newbury had established a residence in Brady and was living there with his self-declared wife. According to local authorities, since that time, his wife and any other family relatives that may have been living in the area have moved. The wife is reportedly living in the Marble Falls area. According to Texas Ranger Matt Andrews of Brady, Texas Department of Criminal Justice investigators received word in mid-December that Newbury had scheduled a meeting with his wife here in Brady. On Dec. 20, TDCJ officials performed two searches of commercial bus lines as they arrived in Brady in an attempt to locate both Newbury and his wife. No subjects were ever identified or located. Although Newbury confessed to the crime for which he was arrested, he pleaded not guilty at his four-day trial in Travis County. A jury found him guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and sentenced him to 99 years in prison. He had walked into the motel with a sawed-off shotgun and demanded money from a clerk. She was not injured in the incident. Newbury was no stranger to trouble. Prior to the La Quinta robbery, he had been in Texas prisons in 1981 and 1987 for aggravated robbery of businesses. Authorities suspected him in about a dozen business robberies in the 1980s in the Austin area. He was paroled on the 1987 charge and appeared to be making efforts to do “his best,” according to authorities. “Quite honestly, I found him to be a likable fellow . . . good ol’ boy kind of guy. . . . Maybe didn’t have a lot of breaks coming up,” said Kent C. Anschultz, Newbury’s court-appointed attorney. “All I can tell you is from my knowledge of Donald’s history, he never hurt, physically hurt, anyone,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised at anything when you have five to seven armed desperate men, but my honest gut reaction is that I would be very doubtful that he was a shooter in the Irving incident.” The seven inmates are accused of murdering an Irving police officer on Christmas Eve while robbing guns and cash from an Oshman’s sporting goods store. The escapees have eluded law enforcement officers for more than three weeks in what has been described as one of the most massive manhunts in Texas history. Ranger Andrews confirmed that there had been positive identification of the group of escapees at a Bank in San Marcos last Thursday. A former FBI profiler, Clint Van Zandt, has branded the escapees as a group of anti-social personalities. The Dallas Morning News developed profiles of the seven through court records and interviews with family members, educators, psyc- hologists, attorneys and law enforcement officers. Other members of the Connally Seven are: ‘Randy Ethan Halprin, 23, of McKinney. ‘Larry James Harper, 37, of Danville, Ill. ‘Joseph C. Garcia, 29, of San Antonio. ‘Patrick Henry Murphy, Jr., 39, of Dallas. ‘George Rivas, 30, of El Paso. ‘Michael Anthony Rodriguez, 38, of San Antonio.

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