The Mane Lion

Well, I did it again. I didn’t get this column written for last week’s paper, so I’ll have to cover two weeks in one edition. No problem. The Brady Lions Club did not have a noon meeting on Dec. 14. Instead we had a Christmas dinner for the members and their guests. Lion Barbara Bolton’s Cafe at the Depot prepared an excellent beef prime rib dinner for the 32 people who attended. Our own Lion Eric Oller provided the entertainment on his electric keyboard. Great job, Lion Eric! We had our last meeting of the year 2000 on Dec. 21. After the members approved paying for eye exams and glasses for two Brady Middle School students (‘We Serve’,) Lion Barbara presented the day’s program. She asked my son Cody and me to tell the club about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, and to demonstrate some of the ways in which it is celebrated. To enhance the experience, Lion Barbara prepared a traditional Hanukkah meal that included potato ‘latkes’ (fried potato pancakes,) ‘sufganiot’ (Israeli jelly donuts) and ‘mandel brait’ (almond bread.) After the meal, everyone learned to play ‘dreidle’ with a 4-sided wooden top having each side marked with a Hebrew letter. This is a betting game, in which one wins or loses from a pot, based upon which letter is up when the dreidle stops spinning. We used uncooked bow-tie pasta as our ‘money,’ even though Lion Police Chief John Stewart was not in attendance. The Brady Lions Club members wish all of you health and happiness in 2001.

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