Police, EMS enjoy quiet, calm holidays

It’s not just the mistletoe, presents and holiday cheer that drive Brady law enforcement and emergency response personnel this time of year, rather who’s out there driving on the streets. An all-too-common scene, the intensity of highway traffic, tends to multiply during the Christmas and New Year holiday season. Texas motorists had to face a force of nature this Christmas season brought on by freezing rain and ice-covered highways. This year, inclement weather has accompanied the holiday travel time and may continue to create dangerous traveling conditions throughout the state. Nine deaths were reported in Texas over the Christmas weekend including five deaths in a collision in Athens which is located west of Tyler. Locally, traffic and highway activity was rather calm. Brady EMS crews responded to only two accidents over the Christmas weekend including a one-car rollover and a two-car collision. The two-car collision occurred Friday at the local Sonic Drive-In. According to Betty Waite of the Brady EMS, no major injuries were sustained in the accident. On Tuesday, a one-car rollover had Brady EMS and law enforcement personnel dispatched to a scene eight miles out of Brady on the Menard Highway. The four individuals in the vehicle were transported to the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital; how ever, not all of the passengers were injured in the accident. The accident occurred when road Continued from page one ways were still heavily covered with patches of ice. “Whether or not the accident was caused by the icy conditions has not yet been determined,” explained Mrs. Waite. “We maintain two ambulances that are staffed at all times,” said Mrs. Waite. “Trained personnel are ready and waiting in case additional assistance is needed. “We don’t actually put anyone extra on duty, we all just carry our pagers and listen extra closely in case a major accident occurs. That’s expected with our line of work and in a small town like Brady you’re almost always on call.” Maintaining an orderly traffic flow was a prime concern for the Brady Police Department as the Christmas holiday drew closer. Fortunately, no accidents were caused by drunk drivers in Brady this past weekend. “We had a pretty pleasant week,” said Brady Police Chief John Stewart. “Aside from the 16 traffic citations issued for speeding, it was a quiet Christmas weekend in Brady.” The roadways will see a marked increase in the amount of traffic this next week as travelers and vacationers return from their holiday destinations.

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