Bring Cousin Michael Home Dear Santa Claus, I would really, really like to have a Whirlin’ Twirlin’ Garden for Christmas because I just love the commercials of it. Remember, I don’t like to sit still, but I love to climb. Don’t forget my twin brother, William. I’m sorry I cried when I saw you, I was just too cold to be happy. Oh Santa, it would be nice if our cousin Michael could come home for Christmas. (He’s a Marine and we haven’t been able to meet him yet.) Thanks a lot!! Love, Robert Alan Stafford 13 months old * * * Sorry I Cried When I Saw You Dear Santa Claus, I’m sorry I cried when I saw you, I was just sooo cold!!!! I don’t really know what I want for Christmas. I will probably be pretty happy with all the empty boxes and pretty bows that will be left over. Please bring my twin brother, Robert, something fun and exciting. Please bring my cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandma, Gramma and Grampa somthing nice. Thanks a lot, Santa. Love, William David Stafford 13 months old * * * Amanda Wants a New Ring Dear Santa, This year for X-mas I want a new ring. Please bring my mom a mother’s ring and my little brother anything that’s camoflauge. My boyfriend wants a DVD player. He’s been a pretty good boy. Oh yea, Santa, my dad’s been a very, very bad boy. His name is Raymond Hernandez Sr. So, you can mark him off your list. Don’t forget my presents. I’ve been a good girl. Love, Amanda Hernandez, Age 20 * * * Will Leave Cookies Out Dear Santa, Merry Christmas! I would like a new computer, a barbie radio, a wuv-luv with baby, and a big pretty piggy bank! I will leave you some cookies. Love, Avery Ramirez Age 4 yrs. old * * * Please Bring a Big Car! Santa, I would like a BIG CAR, a drumset and a tuppee with Dr. Pepper! I will have cookies for you! Love, Kody Ramirez Age 3 yrs. old * * * A Bike with Training Wheels Santa, I would like a bike with training wheels, truck, Blue’s Clues’s baby and I would also like a Scooby Doo puppie. I am 4 years old. Thank you. Michael Kemmitz Head Start Mr. David’s class * * * Would like a worm truck Santa, I would like to have a scooter and a skate board and a new bike. I would also like to have a worm truck. I am 8 years old. Thank you David Veitch 3rd grade Mrs. Pittman * * * Gotta be safe on that scooter! Dear Santa, I want a locker and a scooter. I also want a helment, shoulder pads and knee pads. I want a black jersey with #12 on it. I love you. Garrett Smith Sonora, Tx * * * Wants to Play in Canada Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl and I would like a Barney and some toys for Christmas. Please send my Amy, Bubba and Sissy to Canada for Christmas so we can play. Love, Emily Lohn (Age 22 months) * * * Sam Wants Two Choo-Choo’s Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. I would like a toy. A new toy. A choo-choo train and another choo-train. Love, SAM LOHN (Age 3) * * * Blues Clues Musical Video Wanted Dear Santa, Please bring me Blues Clues Musical Video, a singing Angelica doll and a Barbie phone. I’ve been really good this year and I’ll have cookies and milk for you on Christmas. Love, SHEYANNE BRANDENBERGER * * * Don’t Forget Little Sister Dear Santa, I want a remote-control front-end loader and walkie-talkies. Kamry would like a teddy bear. Thank you! Love, DEVIN KEESE * * * Lots of Trucks and Dozers Dear Santa, I’ve been a really good boy this year so please bring me a tool set and table and lots of big trucks and dozers. I’ll leave you some cookies and milk. Love, QUAID BRANDENBERGER * * * Couch Needs a Baby Sister Dear Santa, I love you so much and I like reindeer so much. I like Mrs. Claus too. I want a beanie baby momma deer for my little fawn at my house. I want the Barbie castle that is at Wal-Mart. I want a baby sister for Couch (Couch is my friendly stuffed horse). I want the Land Before Time VII movie and that Barbie that has a crown on her head. She is so beautiful and I like her. I want to practise ballerina because I like it, so please can I have some ballerina clothes. I love you. MICAELA SMITH * * * HO! HO! HO! Dear Santa, Please bring me a poo-chi and a LaLa kitchen. I also want a my size Barbie, a barbie car mittens and a baby Furby. Ho! Ho! Ho! KINSEY * * * Got Gas Money for Joey’ Dear Santa, Please bring me a little yellow buggy that uses gas. I want a Santa Claus color book. Merry Christmas! JOEY KINNEY * * * Please Bring Another Poo-Chi Dear Santa, Please bring me a scooter. Please bring me a poo-chi you made. Now, I have a poo-chi, but I want another one for them to talk. I will give you some cookies on Christmas night. Please bring me the 102 Dalmation movie. Please bring be a Barbie car. Please bring me a doll just like me. Thank you for my Shania Twain tape last year. Have a Merry Christmas! MADISON JURRIUS * * *

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