Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, There it is, again, a statement from the State Health Department that the radium in the Hickory water is of no importance. An ad in the Brady Standard-Herald Friday, Dec. 1, said: “The Texas Department of Health does not feel that consumers of this water are incurring significantly elevated health risks. Low levels of naturally occurring radiation in water being supplied expose consumers to only slightly greater radiological health risks than those of the general population.” The City Council couldn’t run the power plant so they shut it down, after signing a weird contract to “let the engines wear out and not be replaced.” They couldn’t run the gas company either so they sold it. Sold it twice, in fact, and even made a little money the second time around. Now the Council is embarking on a dizzy, expensive scheme to screw up Brady’s water supply and throw the City $6 million in debt for the next 30 years. What next’ The sewer system’ If they close that down, it will raise a terrible stink. Maybe they can sell it to the Golf Association. They seem interested. Brady didn’t put radium in the Hickory water and is under no obligation to take it out. God put the radium in our water, and if the EPA boys don’t like it, let them talk to Him’or Her, as the case may be. BOB WILSON Brady, Tex.

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