Falling pole injures cable line worker

A contract cable installer running new fiber optic lines was injured late Wednesday afternoon when a telephone pole snapped and fell and landed on top of him. Chris Chervis, 19, an employee of Horizon Cable TV Contractors, was transported to the Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital around 3:30 p.m. for evaluation and treatment. Horizon has been contracted by Classic Cable to rewire the entire city with new fiber optic cable lines to accommodate new digital cable. The contractors have been working in Brady for the past three months and are estimated to be 90 percent complete with the rewire. According to witnesses at the scene, Chervis was standing on the ground near a parked van preparing cable to be hung when the pole fell. What caused the pole to break was the weight of a lashing device hanging from the line between two poles. The process for stringing the new cable requires the new cable to be run along and lashed to existing lines by a metal device that weighs an estimated 50-60 pounds. This device is pulled along the lines and wraps them in a thin wire. The weight of this device hanging in between two poles was enough to snap the rotten pole in half less than a foot below the surface of the ground. Examination of the pole following the accident showed that the pole was rotten all the way through. The extent of Chervis’ injuries were not known at press time.

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