Despite cold, kids to enjoy annual outing

The rods and reels are out, the tackle box is packed and the gleam of excitement is apparent on tiny faces across the community. It’s the second annual KIDFISH and it’s scheduled to “hook” the interests of local tykes this Saturday, Dec. 16. Sponsored by the City of Brady, the event will last from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. There is no pre-registration required and bait, tackle and loaner rods will be provided for children who do not have their own equipment. City of Brady employee Roy Stafford headed the event both this year and last year. Stafford solicited $1,800 in local contributions for the event, in addition to the $1,000 donated by the City which covers the cost of the fish. The KIDFISH Foundation will stock the Brady Creek at Richards Park with 1,000 rainbow trout and 500 pounds of channel catfish for participants to catch. KIDFISH is a non-profit outreach program designed to give children 16 and under the chance to experience the sport of fishing and the outdoors. Participants are asked to collect sponsorships from friends, relatives and neighbors to win a variety of prizes. A minimum donation of $10 will allow participants to receive awards such as T-shirts, caps, trophies and medals. It is not necessary to bring a donation to participate. Donations go toward expanding the KIDFISH program. All children will receive a goodie bag, KIDFISH ribbon and diploma. Longest fish winners will receive a variety of prizes such as a Nintendo game system, skateboard, tent, fishing and other outdoor equipment. This event will be the first of the year to qualify children for the 2001 KIDFISH Classic. Qualifiers for the Classic will be the top 10 fund-raisers over $50, the children catching the longest fish in their age group and any child raising funds of $150 or more. The Classic will be in June of 2001 and will feature fishing for trophy catfish up to 30 pounds. First prize will be a $1,000 savings bond for the child and $1,000 cash for the child’s school. For registration information or to volunteer at the event, contact KIDFISH toll free at (877) 733-5646 or visit the KIDFISH website at

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