November rainfall totals break longtime record

The monthly rainfall total for November completely smashed the previous record for the month which was 7.80 inches set way back in 1913. This past month Brady’s official weather observer Jean F. Williams measured an amazing 10.82 inches of rain. The average for November in Brady and McCulloch County is 1.50 inches, according to the Texas Almanac. Only nine years has it rained over three inches in Brady. Those years were 1926’3.25; 1936’5.04; 1939’3.09; 1940’3.20; 1953’3.03; 1957’3.59; 1967’3.20; 1980’3.20; and 1997’3.31. The record for rainfall in any month is 13.99 inches that fell in July of 1971. That was the year that Brady Lake filled up and overflowed down the “tulip” into Brady Creek. Longtime weather watchers in McCulloch County have stated that the rains that started coming in October after more than a year of drouth would have flooded the city of Brady last month if not for Brady Lake. Many of the conservation dams upstream of the creek have filled and run around. Still the lake is only inches from reaching the drawdown tube.

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