Let-down looms as greatest threat to Bulldogs

December 8-11, 1959 A let-down was the biggest threat to the Brady Bulldogs this week as they prepared to tanle with the undefeated Palacios Sharks in Austin Saturday night in the state AA semifinals. For five straight weeks now the Doggies have been at their best, matching the ever-growing competition and ever-mounting pressure. Saturday night they face more competition and mor epressure. “We know we must be at our best,” Brady coach Chuck York said. “We’re not holding anything back. It’s a fight for survival. Palacios is probably the finest team to come out of the south half in some time. Their defense is terriffic, one of the best in the state.” It was a let-down that enabled Palacios to get by favored Freer last week, said defeated Freer coach Dick Courtney: “The Sharks were a better team. We had been riding high, and I guess we just were down a little.” It was an old familiar story in Alice last week, where the Palacios-Freer game was played. The Freer dressing room was quiet after the game, but across the way the jubilant Sharks were back-slapping and whooping it up. Palacios coach Joe Newbill credited the victory to the Sharks’ tremendous dersire: “Without that we are just another ball club.” Pass defense also played a part. The Sharks swiped foru Freer passes, Palacios quarterback Berney Keszler getting three of them. Keszler is a 190-pounder stainding 6-foot-2, “and a tremendous passer” in the words of coach York. “And they have two fine running backs.” Those are fullback kenneth Cook who made 182 yards in 21 carries against Freer, and left halfback Johnny Penland, who added 69 yards in 12 carries. “They’re quick. They smother a team on defense,” York warned. “They have 10 seniors and one junior on the starting 11.” The sharks this year have won 13 straight, although taking the bi-district from Deer Park on penetrations to break a 7-7 tie. They have scored 325 points and have given up only 79. Six opponents were held scoreless. Saturday’s game will be played in Austin’s House Park’the same spot where the Doggies beat Sinton in the semifinals back in 1956. Game time is 8 p.m., giving Brady fans time to make the trip even by leaving as late as 5 p.m. The winner meets the winner of the Stamford-Olney game (being played Friday night in Wichita Falls) for the state AA championship. Thsi week the Bulldogs had two major injuries, both coming out of Wednesday’s workouts. Guard Frankie Tomlinson badly bruised his shoulder and was carrying his arm in a sling. Tackle Bobby Brown injured a knee. Whether they’ll be ready by Saturday was unknown Thursday. * * * Look-alike brothers confuse fans Andy York of Bryan is a carbon copy of his brother, Brady coach C.D. York. And Andy has been aregular spectator this fall at the Bulldogs’ playoff games’much to the confusion of Brady fans. In the victory line at the game in Temple one Brady fan walked up behind Andy and jovially asked him: “How are the boys feeling tonight, coach'” Last year in College Station when the Doggies were getting whipped by Liberty another fan heatedly stopped Andy and wanted to know “what the heck you’re doing up in the stands when you ought to be down on the field with the boys!” Andy can’t understand why everybody mistakes him for C.D.: “After all, I’m much younger than C.D.!” * * * Going to game Rochelle coach Kenneth (Tootsie) Mitchell reports that the Hornets have called off their basketball game with Early at Rochelle Friday night “so our team, fans, etc., can attend the ball game in San Angelo’See you at the game.”

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