Letter to the Editor

(EDITORS NOTE: The following is a piece written by Kristin Fields, a student at Windsor Park Elementary School in Corpus Christi. She is ten years old and the granddaughter of Bobbie L. Thaxton of Brady.) Dear Editor, Remember the Alamo George W. Bush should agree to meet Al Gore at 5:00 p.m. Sunday on the 26th of November at the Alamo. At the Alamo, Tennesseans once came to the aid of Texicans to fight for the freedom of the Republic of Texas against the dictator of Mexico. Once again the people of Tennessee, through Al Gore, have the opportunity to come to the aid of the Taxicans and the whole United States through their great spirit of volunteerism as they did in the Alamo over 158 years ago. Al Gore should concede the presidency to George W. Bush at the Alamo to bring this divided nation together once again on the most sacred ground of Texas. In doing this, Al Gore from the great state of Tennessee, would bring all Texicans and Tennesseans, along with the rest of our nation, together again. KRISTIN MICHELLE FIELDS Corpus, Christi, Tex.

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