Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, The events of the last two weeks have left me extremely ashamed of Brady, and many of her so called civic leaders. A good decent, honest man who served his country with dignity, honor and pride was publicly assassinated by nothing less than a lynch mob for simply trying to serve his community and all of her citizens with that same dignity, honor and pride. To all the people who signed the petition asking for the recall of Councilman Larry Sharp, you will get exactly the council you deserve, but from this day forward, it will be totally without my support, trust or vote for any person whom you may deem worthy enough to sit upon your council. You fine upstanding civic-minded people, with your lynch mob to support you, are nothing but slandering, backstabbing character assassinating cowards, and given the opportunity, I’ll be more than happy to tell each and every one of you exactly that, to your face, which includes your lynch mob. Sincerely, CHRISTY CARLSON Brady, Tex.

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