Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am taking this opportunity to reach whoever is killing our neighborhood cats. I have lived in the 2000 block of South China for a couple of years now, and have lost three full-blooded Siamese cats. The last cat I lost was very close to my heart. She was the sweetest little thing, with slightly crossed eyes. I had allowed her to come into my home, and into my heart. Things have been tough around our household the last few months, and as silly as it may seem, I found comfort in this precious cat. She was a little wild in the beginning, and I worked with her to calm her down and make a great house cat. I invested money in her to make sure she didn’t have kittens. I just wanted her to be happy, and grow to be healthy. She was a joy in my life, among a lot of sadness. I have been looking for my cat for several days now. I have asked most of the neighborhood if they have seen her. To my surprise, I have discovered that many people on my block, and on South Walnut, have lost several cats just like myself. This information, and the rumor that one of our neighbors has been trapping our cats, has me writing to you today. Surely you, the person who takes their lives so casually, have never been a cat person. If you were, you could not so easily kill one. I feel you must be retired, without much to do during the day. You must not have much of a home life, if you are focusing on these animals all the time. You know it would be one thing if you were trapping and killing wild cats that do nothing but tear up the neighborhood, but you are trapping and killing our beloved pets. Pets that just for a moment make the mistake of getting on your property. What do you do, put food out to trap them’ Or is it just a basic curious cat thing. They see the trap, want to check it out, then they are gone. Have you ever, just once, let one of us know that our cat is bothering you so we could do something about it’ My reports are that you have not. We have had no clue as to what was happening until it was too late, and our pet never comes home again. Our cats are just that. Pets. They are not looking for food. We feed them, and love them, and they make our homes their homes. Their mistake is that they aren’t like dogs that go on a leash, or have boundaries such as a fence. Cats that are true pets only stray a little. They like their home and always come back to it. You know, I’ve been thinking about when you find your prize in your cage. I’ve thought about my sweet cat looking up at you with her little crossed eyes, just wanting to run back home. But instead, you killed her. Have you even thought about if the cat was tame or wild’ Did you think about the child, adult, or yet, senior adult that depends on loving and being loved by that cat’ No, I guess you didn’t. Maybe you just have a heart of stone. Or maybe you just don’t have a heart at all. I was just wondering. When you can’t sleep at night, do you count the cats going into your trap instead of sheep jumping over a fence’ You probably sleep just fine. However, someday you, just like the rest of us, will have your judgement day. LESLIE BASKIN Brady, Tex.

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