Counselor News

It is hard to believe that the end of the first semester of school is just around the corner. Students are working hard to prepare for their future education. As always, testing is an important part of that education. The sophomore have just completed a practice Exit Level TAAS test. Counselors and administrators will use the information gained from this test to better equip our students for the upcoming Exit TAAS. Students who do not pass this practice test may be scheduled into a TAAS Remediation course for the second semester. I have tried to stress to the students that just passing the TAAS should not be their goal. If they do well on the test, they may be exempt from the TASP test. TASP is a test required by most post-secondary schools including junior colleges and technical schools. This test requires a fee and is not offered in Brady. Also, students who do not pass TASP or are not exempt from TASP are required to take remedial courses when they enter college. It, therefore, is financially beneficial for students to do their very best on the TAAS and possibly “TASP Out.” The Exit Level TAAS for all sophomores is scheduled to be administered in February. In an attempt to prepare our students for upcoming college entrance exams, all sophomore will be taking the PLAN (pre-ACT) test Wednesday, Nov. 29. Thanks to our district’s continued commitment to our students, this test is offered at no charge. The PLAN test contains questions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of students in the four academic areas. The test will help students become aware of their high school course taking patterns and their educational needs. Students will identify career interests and educational aspirations. I have already gone into all of the English II classes and discussed these sections of the test with the students. The PLAN test will also acquaint students with the types of questions which are included on the ACT test. The results will include an individual score sheet which will show possible career choices based on how the students answered specific questions, the areas the student chose as their own weaknesses, and give an estimated ACT score. This information will allow students to concentrate on specific areas before taking the ACT. I will be contacting parents when the results arrive to discuss this information. I sincerely hope that these activities will better prepare our students for the tests which will be necessary for them to take in the future.

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