Adeline feels she’s top hen at courthouse

Wandering around the east side of the courthouse lawn at any given time of the day is McCulloch County’s new mascot’at least that is how it appears. Adeline the chicken, a vagrant farm animal that mysteriously appeared on the lawn of the courthouse several months ago, has made the grounds of the county seat her home. According to courthouse employees, she roosts in the trees on the grounds and spends her days milling about pecking at whatever she finds to eat. Since her arrival several months ago, “Adeline” named by County Clerk Tina Smith, has caught the attention of passers by wondering, what is a chicken doing on the courthouse lawn’ That question still remains to be answered. Wednesday morning, on their way back to the Methodist church from a field trip to the Brady Police Station, the preschool class of 10 or so youngsters even stopped to throw out some feed provided by one of the courthouse employees. “I began feeding it popcorn a long time ago and now I have a sack of chicken feed in my office that I bought so she (the chicken) could have something to eat,” said Smith. Talk to just about anyone in the courthouse about the chicken that lives on the courthouse lawn and they will most likely smile and act surprised that she is still around. Where the courthouse chicken came from is still a mystery, but as long as she is still around, one can at least say that this chicken actually did come before the egg.

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