Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Thank you, for writing your editorial about recent developments in the city government of Brady. My wife and I live in Rochelle, but all of the county is affected by events in Brady. We appreciate the fact that you publicly sided with the rule of law, and with old fashioned decency and common sense, above “good ol’ boy” politics. I am the chief of the Rochelle Volunteer Fire Department. Tuesday night, my wife and I were at the Brady fire station to attend the going away party in honor of Chief Jonathan Weidemann. Against great odds, including attacks by “good ol’ boys” on the city council and out in the county, Jonathan has done some amazing things to develop the training and morale of the Brady VFD, and to encourage a new spirit of cooperation among several of the fire departments in the county. Councilman Larry Sharp sent a letter for one of the firefighters to read at the party. In it, Councilman Sharp praised the chief for all that he has done for the city and the county. I think all of the firefighters who were there, including the chief, had tears in their eyes when they heard the letter. They were accustomed to feeling that the city council was always at war with them, so Councilman Sharp’s positive letter had great meaning. Betty and I do not know about all of the ins and outs of Brady politics, but it is hard for us to imagine that a man who wrote such a sensitive and meaningful letter as the one Councilman Larry Sharp sent to the Brady VFD and to Chief Weidemann is out to destroy the City of Brady. Thank you, for your editorial. Tom and Betty Bourbon Rochelle, Tex.

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