Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Well, it has happened again. A few years ago, this city came together, acted to get rid of the gas problem and get the city on its feet financially. Donald Barley and Grant Evridge were both on the city council then. Each of them, along with other councilmen, worked very hard to accomplish these goals. Then elections came and Mr. Larry Sharp was elected. Ms. Gayla Bowen ran for council, evidently without having sense enough to know you have to live within the city limits to be eligible. When she was disqualified, she filed a lawsuit to try to get her way. That is when the bickering, petty grievances and other divisive actions really started. Now, instead of fixing streets and maintaining the best possible utility services for us, the council room has become a battleground, egged on by Ms. Bowen and her group of “disgruntled citizens.” Just what Ms. Bowen is trying to accomplish for the good of this city, no one really seems to know. But, I submit to you that the majority of our citizens are much more interested in having decent streets and other reliable utilities at a price we can reasonably afford than worrying about “correct procedural rules.” Ms. Bowen and her little group of “concerned citizens” were not elected by the rest of us. A lot of us are very tired of them trying to impose their opinions on the people we have elected. If Ms. Bowen want so desperately to be of public service, there are all kinds of volunteer programs where her work would truly be appreciated. Mr. Larry Sharp is only one of the team we have elected to work for us. He should realize that he is no better or more perfect than anyone else and change his attitude. If he will not do that, than he should resign. The City can do without one trouble-making council person. We simply cannot do without a mayor and the rest of the Councilmen. Sincerely, LANELL COOK Brady, Tex. 76825

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