‘Big Red’ big enough to break old Brady jinx

March 11-14, 1958 The Belton Tigers, coming here Friday night, have their best chance yet to break the “Brady jinx.” “It’s the strongest Belton team we’ve played,” Brady coach Chuck York said. “They’ve got everything: power, passing, defense, experience, size'” Brady and Belton meet here in Bulldog Stadium at 7:45 p.m. Friday. The winner advances in the state AA playoffs to the regional, meeting the winner of the Taylor-Columbus game being played in Columbus also Friday night. This is the fourth encounter in the bi-district between Brady and the “Big Red” from Belton, and the Bulldogs have won all three previous games, much to the bitter discomfort of the Tigers. Belton has every reason to want to win this year. This year they are bringing a team here which is undefeated in 10 straight games, and the statistics show that the record is no fluke. Belton has averaged 247 yards per game on the ground, and has picked up an additional 128 yards per game in the air. It’s the passing game which will offer the greatest threat to the Bulldogs. The tigers have thrown 127 yards per game in the air. It’s the passing game which will offer the greatest threat to the Bulldogs. The Tigers have thrown 127 and completed 57 for 1,280 yards. That’s an average of better than 45 percent’good throwing in any league. And it was the passing that almost stopped the Bulldogs last year. Brady had mounted a 26-0 lead in the first three periods when the Tigers opened up with a vicious aerial attack. It paid off in two touchdowns and left the Doggies staggering. But the attack came too late, and Brady won, 26-14. It’s unlikely the Tigers will wait so late this year to start the passes. During the three previous years, Brady won in 1956 by 24-7 when Belton had a 9-1 record. In 1957 Belton was undefeated, and Brady slipped through, 7-6, on a snow-covered field. Last year Belton had won six , lost one, and had played three scoreless ties. All season this year the Tigers have been rated among the top 10 Class AA teams in the state. “Even at the coaches school last August they were recognized as the team most likely to come out of the south end for the state championship,” York pointed out. This week the Bulldogs were fighting off the usual colds, sore throats, and trying to heal bruises from the Fredericksburg game. All will be able to go Friday, however. QB Charles Reynolds had Brady fans worried last week when he limped out of the Fredericksburg game, but it was nothing serious. * * * Bulldog Band rates ‘A Plus’ in marching The Brady Bulldog Band won a coveted First Division rating Saturday in the Interscholastic League’s Region II marching contest in Sweetwater. “First Division” is the highest rating possible, like an “A plus” on a report card. The bandsmen performed a long, intricate “swinging gate” marching routine they did at halftime here Friday at the Brady-Belton game. ‘We made some errors early Saturday morning and worked them out before we left,’ director Boyd Hunt said. ‘It’s the most difficult routine I’ve ever given them, and in Sweetwater the Brady bandsmen really had them talking.’ None of the bandsmen had been to a marching contest more than once, and more than half had never been. The band, tied up with the playoff games, couldn’t go in 1956 or 1958. They made it in 1957, by playing in Georgetown on Friday night and then going to the contest on Saturday morning. ‘I was very proud of them. They went into it blind and came out in good shape,’ Hunt said. Brady’s twirling sextet (who had never competed before), Carlene Brown, Elene Corder, Betty Bowden, Patricia Geaton, Charlotte Kyzar and Percelia Bell, also won a First Division and received gold medals. Charlotte, as a solo, took another First Division rating and another metal. A twirling trio’Nancy Archer, Pat Porter and Kathryn Leach’and Barbara McCord as a solo twirler were rated Second Division. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Visit with daughter Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Bradley returned home Sunday evening after a five-day visit in Dallas as guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ruff and family. * * * Ill in Dallas J.J. Adams of Dublin, father of L. Ladoyt Adams of Brady, is critically ill in a Dublin hospital following a stroke three weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Adams have been at his bedside almost constantly since that time. * * * Visit in Coahoma Mrs. Pearl Foster accompanied Vernon Foster and daughter, Bonnie, to Coahoma recently where she will be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Rinehart Kraus for an extended visit. * * * Weekend visitors Visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Ferrell Sunday were Mr. Ferrell’s niece, Mrs. McInnis and daughter, Wilmouth of San Antonio, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jones of Brownwood.

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