Another football story before basketball starts

I’d like to relate this one more football story before basketball season gets going strong. When I came back to Rochelle in September 1969, they were playing six-man football. It’s strange but true that you have to have six backs, not linemen. You can play 11-man with eight or nine good players and hide two or three, such as a split end. You can’t hide anyone in six-man. We were so weak and only had seven kids playing that first season. They couldn’t run through a paper banner. They scrimmaged the north wind and finally scored one touchdown. We nearly lost our open date. I really don’t think they could have beaten Cherokee if we had the ball on every offensive play. Cherokee would have scored on a fumble or a pass interception. The only thing good was it was over at halftime, and we got home early. Rochelle has had some good teams before and after. I admired the kids who were playing that year. They always acted like they would win the next time out. One small girl, who was in the second grade, told me she had a new yell. It was “Crank ’em up tamale, kick ’em in the street, we are going to win, but not this week.”

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