Wacky weather’rain, snow, sleet

Wacky weather is here again as Heart of Texas residents witnessed Wednesday. A cold front moving through the area brought snow, sleet and rain to McCulloch County, taking many people by surprise. “This is some of the craziest weather I have seen yet,” said one McCulloch resident. “Last week we were stuck in a serious drouth and this week, we have had a bunch of rain, the lake is filled up and now it is snowing!” Temperatures began dropping late Tuesday and continued throughout the night. Wednesday, the official high temperature in Brady was only 40 degrees and snow, sleet and rain fell but no accumulation occurred. The combined moisture totaled 0.17 inch on Wednesday. Weather reports from San Angelo and farther north toward Abilene showed that much of those areas covered by as much as 4-6 inches of snow. Forecasters are calling for temperatures to slowly creep back into the 60s by the weekend with the chance for precipitation decreasing throughout the weekend. Highs in the 60s are expected and lows are predicted to be in the 40s.

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