Treadwell, Solsbery prevail in local election

Ginger Treadwell and Nelson Solsbery emerged as victors in the two local political races in McCulloch County in the great General Election of 2000. On the national scene Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore are still pitted in the closest presidential race in U. S. history, according to longtime political experts. The outcome may not be final until late Thursday. At presstime Florida’s vote was being recounted. It was that close. It marked the first time a recount has been called in a presidential election. The winner of the Sunshine State will determine the United States’ next president, replacing Bill Clinton who has been in the office since 1992. At presstime, Gore had 260 electorial votes to Bush’s 246. The winner must have 270 electoral votes. News reports state that Gore leads in popular votes: 48,707,413 to 48,609,640. If, however, Bush wins, Florida it will be the fourth time a candidate has won the electoral vote and the presidency while losing the popular vote. It occurred in 1824, 1876 and 1888. In Florida with 100 percent of the precincts reporting Bush leads by 1,776’2,909,260 to Gore’s 2,907,484 prior to the recount. The military vote, which Bush is expected to carry, is still out. Gov. Bush easily carried his home state, Texas, 60 percent to 37 percent, but Gore lost his home state, Tennessee. The presidential contest is being called the closest since 1960 when John F. Kennedy edged Richard Nixon. In the state’s congressional contest, Chet Edwards of Waco has edged out contender Ramsey Farley of Temple for Texas’ District 11. A total of 2,999 votes were cast in McCulloch County, 1,214 of them being balloted in early voting. On Election Day it was cold and dreary, but it did not deter 1,785 McCulloch County voters from going to the polls. County Clerk Tina Smith said the ballots will be canvassed on Monday, Nov. 13. “Everything went very smoothly,” she said. In comparing previous General Elections, Mrs. Smith said that Tuesday’s vote was “very good” although not as large as 1992 when 3,529 voted in the presidential election. The same held true nationally. However, in 1996, there were only 1,861 ballots cast. “We currently have a qualified voter list of 5,651 voters, but I’m sure some of those have moved away,” she told the Standard-Herald Wednesday. Mrs. Treadwell, who was appointed by the commissioner’s court to the county attorney’s position last summer, defeated Ed Carrithers in a heated race for the post. She recorded 1,443 votes to Carrithers’ 896. Out of the 10 county boxes, Mrs. Treadwell carried all but two boxes, Brady Richards Library and Voca. Both were write-in candidates. In the contest for McCulloch County Commissioner, Precinct 3, Solsbery out-balloted contender Dick Marsden III by a 454-320 tally. The Lohn box almost exclusively favored Solsbery, 103-32. Marsden was much closer in the Brady Boy Scout Lodge box but still trailed the winner, 164-136. Their race was also a much-discussed event. In other local contests, all of which were unopposed, McCulloch County voters returned Sheriff Earl Howell (2,144 votes), County Tax Assessor-Collector Deena G. Moore (2,224 votes), County Commissioner, Pct. 1 Joe Johnson (756 votes) and Constable at Large William J. Shephard 1,960 votes) to office. District Attorney Ronald L (Ron) Sutton also was unopposed and was returned to the post by 1,899 votes. Cong. Edwards, a Democrat, had a tough battle with challenger Farley. The complete results were finally tabulated around noon on Wednesday with Edwards winning 55 percent to Farley’s 44 percent. Libertarian candidate Mark A. Swanstrom got one percent of the votes. The actual vote tally was 107,636 for Edwards, who will be returning to Washington D.C. for his sixth term, to 86,478 for Farley, the Republican candidate. Cong. Lamar Smith, who has been in Washington since 1986, was also re-elected. He has a small chunk of McCulloch County where he garnered 417 votes to Jim Green’s 109 votes. U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutch-ison, who easily won statewide, also recorded 2,168 votes in McCulloch County, easily defeating Gene Kelley’s 677 votes.

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