Fire Chief resigns, returning to Austin

Brady Fire Chief Jonathan Weidemann has announced his resignation effective Wednesday, Nov. 22. He tendered his two-week notice to City Manager Gary Broz just prior to Tuesday’s City Council meeting. According to Weidemann, he has been offered the position as District Chief Head of Operations for Travis County Emergency Services for District 4. In this position, he will again be under the command of his former chief within the Travis County fire department. “This was a job offer that was too good to pass up,” said Weidemann. “One of the biggest reasons for my decision was that I will be able to be with my wife in Austin. She has an excellent job there and I could not ask her to give that up to move to Brady. I have told the members of the department that family comes first and it is time now for me to practice what I preach.” According to Weidemann, his new position will have him in charge of a district that covers approximately 85 square miles and serves a population of nearly 185,000. The district contains eight fire stations with 19 pieces of apparatus, 24 paid staff with plans to increase to 45 and over 120 volunteers. “I feel like I am letting the members of the department down by leaving,” said Weidemann. “We have accomplished a lot in the time I have been here, but there is still a long way to go.” Weidemann had served as Brady Fire Chief since June 28, 1999.

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