Brady Police Department warns drivers to obey street barricades

OFFENSES’Officers responded to 60 calls for service during the week. These included an aggravated assault with a knife on Monday night and one family violence assault arrest. Officers were kept busy during the Halloween activities responding to a report of vehicle being vandalized. All four tires of the vehicle were punctured and the convertible top was slashed. Other damage was reported including one vehicle that was the target of raw eggs. Other minor damage was done around the city. During the recent rains, officers were busy trying to prevent injury to motorists driving through hazardous areas due to flooding. On Friday night officers investigated a report of a prowler near 17th and High Streets. Officers apprehended a suspect who was believed to be in possession of property taken from the scene. Further investigation revealed that the property was actually stolen in an automobile burglary. Charges are pending in this case. ARRESTS’Brady Police officers arrested one individual for driving while intoxicated; one for evading detention; one for public intoxication and one for a warrant. ACCIDENTS’Three accidents’one at 701 Hwy. 87 North, one at 1800 South Bridge Street and one at Second and Bridge Streets’were reported during last week. CITATIONS’Five citations were issued for speeding, one for parking in a handicapped parking space, three for insurance violations, one for running a red light, two for inspection violations, two for equipment violations, five for minor in possession of alcohol, two for drivers’ license violation, one for failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, one for left of center, one for following too closely, one for unsafe backing, one for faulty safety chains, and one for minor in possession of tobacco. DID YOU KNOW’During last week’s thunderstorms and heavy rains, a large number of drivers were disregarding street barricades, placing themselves in danger as they needlessly drove through high water that stretched across many streets in Brady. A person who intentionally disobeys such instructions, signals, warning signs or street barricades positioned to restrict traffic may be fined up to $200. The fine doubles if the offense occurs at a highway maintenance site where workers are present. CRIMESTOPPERS’Call 597-1111 with tips on felony crimes. It pays for everyone but the criminals.

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