National, state, local elections in a frenzy

Election Day 2000 is shaping up to be a historical day in McCulloch County. According to election officials in the County Clerk’s office, if early voting results are any indicator of the expected turnout for Tuesday’s election, poll judges and attendees are going to be busy. With one day left of early voting, 953 early votes have been cast including 113 ballots by mail. A brief search of election history shows that this election could go down as one of the most highly attended elections in McCulloch County history. Local elections that have sparked heavy politicking are the races for County Attorney and for County Commissioner for Precinct 3. Write in candidates Ginger Treadwell and Ed Carrithers are making last minute campaign pushes in hopes of sealing their name as the next County Attorney. Most election ballots will be identical with the exception of persons in District 21, Precinct 101. Persons in that district will have U.S. representative candidates Lamar Smith (R), Jim Green (D) and C.W. Steinbrecher (I) as their choices. All other voters are in District 11 and their choices for U.S. representative are Ramsey Farley (R), Chet Edwards (D) and Mark Swanstrom (I). Persons in Precinct 1 will see Joe Johnson running unopposed for County Commissioner and persons in Precinct 3 will choose between Nelson Solsbery and Dick Marsden. A complete list of the polling judges and persons as they appear on the ballot is as follows: Precinct 101 judge James Wright; alternate Jo Keese. Precinct 102 judge Bill Burns alternate Cleo Ramsey. Precinct 103 judge Carolyn Hargroves; alternate Preston Donoho. Precinct 201 judge Jacqueline Goleman; alternate Lina Cruz. Precinct 202 judge Douglas Beaman; alternate Minnetta Edmiston. Precinct 301 judge Jerry Betsill; alternate Josephine Haynes. Precinct 302 judge Leslie Phillips; alternate Raymond McMurray. Precinct 401 judge Jessalu Lorke; alternate Louise Passmore. Precinct 402 judge Grace Burk; alternate Jane Lemke. Precinct 403 judge Glenn Weatherman; alternate Vandoline Gibboney President and vice president’Republican George W. Bush/Dick Cheney; Democratic’Al Gore/Joe Lieberman; Libertarian’Harry Browne/Art Olivier; Green’Ralph Nader/Winona LaDuke; Independent’Pat Buchanan/Ezola Foster. United States Senator'(R) Kay Bailey Hutchison: (D) Gene Kelley; (L) Mary J. Ruwart; (G) Douglas S. Sandage United States Representative, Dist. 11′(R) Ramsey Farley; (D) Chet Edwards; (L) Mark A. Swanstrom Railroad Commissioner'(R) Charles R. Matthews; (L) Carolyn Fields; (G) Gary Dugger Railroad Commissioner, Unexpired Term'(R) Michael L. Williams; (L) Anthony Garcia; (G) Charles L. Mauch Justice, Supreme Court, Place 1′(R) Nathan Hecht; (L) Mike Jacobellis; (G) Ben G. Levy Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2′(R) Priscilla Owen (L) Joe Alfred Izen, Jr. Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3′(R) Al Gonzales (L) Lance Smith Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals'(R) Sharon Keller (D) Bill Vance Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1′(R) Charles Holcomb; (L) Rife Scott Kimler Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2′(R) Barbara Parker Hervey (D) William R. Barr Member, State Board of Education, District 5′(R) Dan Montgomery State Senator, District 24′(R) Troy Fraser State Representative, District 54′(R) Suzanna Gratia Hupp; (D) Don Armstrong Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 1′(R) David Puryear (D) Woodie Jones Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 2′(D) Mack Kidd Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 3′ (D) Bea Ann Smith Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 4′(R) Lee Yeakel District Attorney, 198th Judicial District'(R) Ronald L. “Ron” Sutton County Attorney’Write In Ginger Treadwell and Ed Carrithers Sheriff’ (D) Earl Howell County Tax Assessor-Collector'(D) Deena G. Moore County Commissioner, Precinct No. 3′(R) Dick Marsden III; (D) James N. Solsbery Constable, At Large'(D) William J. Shephard.

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