Jacoby Feed & Seed named Chamber business of the month for November

With deer season approaching, hunting becomes a feature of the Texas scene. Hunters begin looking for supplies and deer feed at a convenient location. Located just off Highway 87 in Melvin is Jacoby Feed & Seed, a place where hunters can get what they need. Jacoby Feed & Seed is not only a hunting store though. They cater to the needs of the farmer and rancher as well. They carry Acco and Purina feeds, wheat and oat seed, minerals and fertilizer. They help farmers and ranchers to better merchandise their cattle, crops and even their deer. They also carry veterinary supplies, plumbing supplies and maintenance supplies. Owners, Jason and Randal Jacoby, originally bought the store from Kimbell Milling Company in 1980 for their farming and ranching business. That year they reaped a good harvest and began merchandising their wheat. Later that same year, they decided to establish a feed store which was immediately followed with the addition of a cleaner for their grain. “After looking, we saw that there was not another cleaning facility within 100 miles,” said Jason. “So, we decided to start cleaning for others.” In years to come, the business grew to include oats, milo and corn. As a result of increased corn sales, Jacoby Feed & Seed started selling corn for hunters. With the inclusion of corn and other grains, business exploded to a new level. Jacoby Feed & Seed currently employs 10 full-time personnel and works to supply products to feed stores and ranches throughout Central Texas. The company also has a preconditioning feed lot. In order to maintain a competitive marketing avenue, Jacoby has become involved with the concept of the process verified and pre-conditioned stocker cattle and feeder sales that have been developed during the past year. This program conbines the best management practices with an innovative marketing program for all producers. All cattle in this program must meet specific guidelines and certification criteria. All cattle must undergo a weaning program that prepares calves for optimal performance on grass or in the feed yard. “We have been utilizing this program for approximately one year and are confident that we are able to provide a sound management, feed and health program that will help other producers utilize this new marketing venue,” said manager Greg Browning. Jacoby Feed & Seed is an active supporter of the McCulloch County Livestock Association and of several sports programs. The store hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

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