Way Back When

Today we’re going back 82 years to the school year 1918-19 and the Rochelle Coyote yearbook. At the time Rochelle’s superintendent of schools was Ernest Keeling. Teachers included Misses Burk, Cravens, Carter and Nethery. There were five seniors. Their names and nicknames were Otis (Outlaw) Stewart, Ed (Ed Better) Neal, Roy (Cyclone) Storm, Alice (Big Sis) Johnson and Viola (Fox) Gainer. The junior class consisted of five students: Pauline (Paugie) Woodford, Arthur (Red) Floyd, Vera (Boston) Wilson, Lera (Flip) Phillips and Cecil (Baby Dickins) Holeman. The sophomore class was the largest, 11 students. They were Brown (Chick) Willoughby, Charlie (Charles) Willoughby, Minnie (Min) McCall, Mattie (Sister Mat) Willis, Velma (Bob) Burk, Inez (Jimmy) Chandler, Doris (Dort) Wilson, Nellie (Ned) Sellman, Geraldine (Jerry) Gentry, Ora (Shorty) Coots, and Merl (Sweety) Carrol. I don’t know why, but the seventh grade boys were listed next (they didn’t list the girls): Raleigh Neal, Lonnie Cates, Frank Wyatt, Wesley Gainer, Mark Mitchel, Archie Gainer, Ed Boyd and Fred Johnson. The County School Board was H.S. Graham, Dee Jeffers, J.N. Gainer and P. D. Jordan. The District School Board was Richard Moseley, Hugh Armstrong and W. E. Humphrey. One rule that would be hard for students today to do was: boys and girls should refrain from seeing each other at home or at school from Monday morning until Friday evening. Another rule was: girls use the stairs on the north end of the building and boys use the south stairs. The only sports mentioned were tennis and track. Some of the advertisements on the back were: ‘Commercial National Bank of Brady, G.R. White, president; Lewis Brooks, vice president; E. A. Baze, cashier; W. D. Crothers, vice president of cash; and S. S. Graham. ‘B. L. Malone Jewelry and Optician. ‘O.D. Mann and Sons. ‘C.H. Vincent Dry Goods. ‘Hubb Dry Goods ‘Broad Mercantile Co. ‘Kirk’s Quality Shop ‘H.C. Samuel ‘Central Drug ‘H. Wilensky Dry Goods ‘Dr. W. C. Jones, Dentist ‘Brady Auto Co., Buick cars and Republic trucks ‘George Cole Trucking, daily trips to Brady ‘J.A. Smith General Merchandise, Rochelle ‘R. Moseley & Co. General Merchandise, Rochelle ‘City Drug Store, Rochelle, C. W. Carr, proprietor ‘Rochelle State Bank ‘L.A. Doran Variety Store, a safe place for ladies and children to trade in Rochelle. No gambling or swearing allowed.

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