Future of domestic abuse challenged by local group

The domestic violence that shelters behind locked doors in the local community came face to face with a new organization Wednesday afternoon’an organization that plans to get the word out that domestic abuse won’t be tolerated in McCulloch County. Organizers of The Haven, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse currently in the works in Brady, vowed Wednesday afternoon during a silent vigil on the courthouse lawn, to face domestic abuse head-on. Their intent’to tear down the walls that society has built disguising the issue and offer help to those who suffer in the midst of it all. The Haven board president Barbara Moorman started the silent vigil with a very important message'”We all have the right to live in a society where domestic abuse is non-existent. The children are the biggest victims of abuse because they have no control over others’ actions.” The vigil was designed to get the message out to the community that helping victims live free from physical and emotional abuse is only part of the solution to the problem of domestic violence. Heightening community awareness and speaking out about the need to protect victims’ rights are critical as well. Because all types of abuse are learned behaviors, another poignant message of The Haven hopes to teach children is that the use of violence to resolve problems and control others is unacceptable behavior. Perhaps with The Haven serving as the backbone for the community’s fight against domestic abuse and violence, the abuse cycle can be halted before it trickles down to the next generation.

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