Fumble kills comeback win for Brady eighth

A controversial call that could have made the difference in the game left the Brady middle school eighth grade with their first loss of the season last Thursday, 16-8. Playing a team that has only been defeated once in the past two seasons, the Brady team held its own against the Llano Yellow Jackets by keeping the game close until the closing seconds of the game. Trailing 16-8 with less that two minutes remaining, the young Doggies were driving toward the Llano end zone when a fumble near the 10 yard line rolled into the end zone and was recovered by the Jackets. “There was a lot of question as to whether he (the Brady runner) was down before he fumbled, but I believe the referee made a good call,” said Brady coach Tim Kilgore. The Llano team recovered the ball in their own end zone for a touchback and time expired with the Jackets on top. “I think we simply ran out of time,” said Kilgore. “We were coming back and it was just a matter of time before we got everything going.” After being behind 8-0 for most of the game, the young Bulldogs tied the Jackets late in the fourth quarter on a Paden Behrens quarterback sneak. Cooper Bagheri tacked on two points for the PAT. The Llano team rolled down the field on a successful drive and scored the go ahead touchdown with 1:50 left in the game to lead 16-8. Brady shifted gears and ran its two-minute offense and moved the ball well and seemed to be closing in for the kill when the play in question occurred. “Turnovers really hurt us in this game,” said Kilgore. “I am very proud of the entire team’s effort. Everyone really got into this game and it really hurt each player to lose this game.” Offensive standouts for the contest noted by the coach included Jess Anderson, John Vara and Gilbert Rodriguez. Defensive notables were Servando De Luna, Paden Behrens and Michael Cook.

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