Council approves fire truck purchase

With National Fire Prevention Month already off to a bad start in Brady, it was understandable why an ordinance authorizing the financing of capital expenditures that could inevitably put the Brady Fire Department in the drivers’ seat of a new fire truck warranted great concern in Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. In earlier meetings, the Council agreed to purchase a new fire truck for the department (in full) out of the city’s cash pool account. Councilman Larry Sharp along with Councilman Jesse McAnally argued that if the full amount needed to purchase the vehicle was not available by Oct. 1, the Council would agree to explore other avenues of financing. In the last City Council meeting, because the absence of a fire truck warranted an emergency call by the Council, it was suggested by Councilman Donald Barley that the city progress with the purchase of not one, but two fire trucks. In Tuesday night’s meeting, Sharp questioned whether buying two trucks out of the cash pool account was financially advisable. ” I have reservations about financing such a large amount for two trucks,” said Sharp. Brady Fire Chief Jonathan Weidemann was in attendance at the meeting and spoke on behalf of the department and its volunteers. He explained that after discussing the issue with City Manager Gary Broz, “We don’t feel it’s financially sound for the City at this point. I recommend that we just purchase one truck right now and hold off on the second one. “We should concentrate on the second truck two to three years down the road. At that point we can look into a 10-year replacement plan for the first truck,” he added. After hearing the concerns expressed by Chief Weidemann, the Council voted to eliminate one fire truck from the ordinance, and gave the item a unanimous approval on the second reading. The requests from Billy Turner and James and Colleen Friar for water service outside the city limits were approved on their second ordinance readings. In addition, the Council also approved the first readings of two other ordinances authorizing water service outside the city limits for John W. Jones and Geoff Elrod. Both of the new ordinance readings were approved subject to provisions that the individuals requesting water service allow a 20-foot wide easement to the City of Brady as recommended by the City’s engineering firm. In other business, the Council approved an amendment to Ordinance No. 799 which provides for the regulation on non-consent towing and wrecker services and wreckers at accident scenes. Changes in the amendment include a fee increase from $65 to $90 for towing charges and additional language that allows the City to regulate non-consent wrecker services. Under the ordinance, penalties can be assessed to wrecker services not in compliance with such standards. Switching to the G. Rollie White Complex, the Council added Article V to Chapter 21.5 of the Brady Code. Article V covers rules and regulations set forth by the City for the Complex. The article will prohibit the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs at the G. Rollie White Complex during all youth functions. Subject to all three ordinance readings being approved by the Council, once the ordinance is in effect it will be illegal for persons to possesses such substances during youth activities at the Complex. According to Brady Police Chief John Stewart who was in attendance at the meeting, the crime for violating the new ordinance will be punishable as a Class-C misdemeanor. As an action item, the City Council approved $20,000 in repairs to the 1973 scraper at the city landfill. The Council approved the bid submitted from Dunkin Sefko as the zoning and subdivision consultant. The bid was submitted in the $20,000-$25,000 range. Because the project is conducted on a time permissible basis, the actual cost could vary within the range submitted in the bid; however, it will not exceed the maximum $25,000 limit. The meeting adjourned following reports from the city manager and city finance officer.

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