Local 4-Hers honored at annual awards banquet

Recognizing today’s youth for their efforts and accomplishments was the focus of the annual McCulloch County 4-H Awards Banquet held Tuesday night at Brady Middle School. Youth that work tirelessly throughout the year to accomplish numerous projects ranging from raising animals and livestock to completing detailed record books and participating in organized events were honored by the McCulloch 4-H Club. Each year, two Gold Star awards are presented to the top senior 4-H members. To be eligible, members must submit a 4-H record book, interview for the award, be at least 15 years old and have completed at least three projects. They must also have served as a leader in a project or activity and have been involved in various community service activities throughout their 4-H career. This year, Meagan Schaffner and Leslie Ranne were presented with the Gold Star award deemed as the highest county honor within the 4-H program. The Silver and Bronze Star awards are similar to the Gold Star in prestige and qualifications but they are awarded to intermediate and junior 4-H members. This year’s Bronze Star recipient is Josh Behrens and the Silver Star recipients are Wendee Carlson and Jay Behrens. Each year, the McCulloch County 4-H club also recognizes several individuals for their special contributions to the club and to their community. The Farm Bureau Award recognizes a 4-Her that has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, not only on the county level, but also in district and state activities. Sponsored by McCulloch County Farm Bureau, this year’s award was presented to Amanda Pellizzari. The “I Dare You” award is named after a book written by personal motivation specialist William H. Danforth. Designed to recognize youth who have the potential for effective future leadership, the award honors the recipients and their leadership ability. This year, the award was presented to three individuals: Jenna Behrens, Cody Holubec and Casey Kidd. Each year, the Parent and Adult Leaders Association selects two outstanding 4-H leaders that have demonstrated exemplary efforts in assisting local 4-Hers with projects and with overall help in becoming model citizens within the community. This year, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Tetens were named as the outstanding leaders of the year and were presented with a plaque honoring their time and efforts. The Friends of 4-H award was presented to two local businesses for their dedication and support of the McCulloch County 4-H program. The Brady Standard-Herald and KNEL were chosen as co-recipients of the award. Other awards presented throughout the evening included: 4-H YEAR PIN AWARDS All 4-H members enrolled in 4-H that participated in a county 4-H achievement event (food show, fashion show, livestock show, Roundup related event) are eligible to receive one (1) 4-H Year Pin per project year. 1st YEAR: Alexis Adams, Miller Ansell, Wesley Avant, Daryl Booth, Damon Boyd, Chelsea Brown, Christina DeFiore, Erett Edmiston, Jeffery Frair, Coleman Hemphill, Zack Jones, Bodie Landes, Nolan Landes, Alexander Leatherwood, Jameson Leatherwood, Robert Leatherwood, Stanley Lewis, William Lohn, Jake Long, Laramie Moore, Taylor Owens, Justin Pierce, Jennifer Porras, Billy Rainwater, Gabriel El Rhilani, Skye Rogers, Sierra Rodgers, Lauren Rozelle, Trevor Stuart, Kayla Weeks, Cassidy Wienecke. 2nd YEAR: Zeb Abbott, Bryan Allgood, Hanna Artinger, Jerimy Allgood, Bailey Bozeman, Garrett Boseman, Jordan Browning, Jonathan Broz, Jamie Cooley, Lora Covey, Tiffany Cruz, Dylan Jacoby, Desiree Jones, Kayla Land, Tanner Matschek, Brittany Parks, Randall Powell, Samuel Rocha, Luke Sammons, Patrick Sammons, Brandon Sammons, Rex Stidham. 3rd YEAR: Jaclyn Crawford, Chandra Dean, Daniel Donaldson, Kendra Donaldson, Jace Fincher, Lance Helberg, Michael Land, Kacey Leonard, Tracy Nixon, Keely Probst, Bonnie Richardson, Maria Rocha, James Ross, Sterling Sammons, Myranda Salter, Diane Shuffler, Tanner Stuart, Meagan Taylor, Alyssa Williams. 4th YEAR: Josh Behrens, Lacey Broad, Ashleigh Cook, Michael Cook, Destiny Galindo, Monica Griffith, Holden Jacoby, Heather McCartney, Casey Shackelford, Wade Skaggs, Hunter Stuart, Keri Teague. 5th YEAR: Jess Anderson, Lindsay Brown, Justin Friar, Molly Gage, Carrie Lundgren, Erica Paniagua, Abby Probst, Erica Reeves, Lee Richardson, Garcia Rocha, Becca Willmann. 6th YEAR: Jay Behrens, Wendee Carlson, Matthew Dean, Amber Gossett, Haylie Helberg, Adam Jacoby, Daniel McAnally, Amanda Pellizzari, Bo Stuart, Glenn Van Dyke. 7th YEAR: James Baker, Shaylene Gossett, Katie Kidd, Quad Ranne. 8th YEAR: Zane Brandenberger, Russell Dean, Heath Hardman, John David Willmann. 9th YEAR: T.K. Morris. 10th YEAR: Jenna Behrens, Cody Holubec, Meagan Schaffner, Robert Tetens, Lauren Whitworth, Leslie Ranne, Danielle Snodgrass. 11th YEAR: Chad Holubec, Casey Kidd, Chris Merren, Suzanne McCarley. 4-H ACHIEVEMENT AWARD PIN All 4-H members that represented McCulloch County 4-H Clubs in a 4-H Roundup event or at a district/state/national 4-H achievement event are eligible to receive one (1) 4-H Achievement Award Pin per project year. CONSUMER DECISION: Wendee Carlson, Christina DeFiore, Jace Fincher, Brittney Parks, Erica Reeves, Cecelia Rocha, Glenn Van Dyke, Alyssa Williams. DEMONSTRATIONS: Casey Kidd, Leslie Ranne, Cody Holubec, Chad Holubec, Andy Rocha, Cecelia Rocha, Miller Ansell, Erica Paniagua, Gracie Rocha, Meagan Schaffner, Andy Rocha, Kayla Weeks, Becca Willmann. DISTRICT/STATE CAMPS: 4-H congress’Jenna Behrens, Russell Dean, Cody Holubec, Leslie Ranne; computer camp’Justin Pierce; district leadership lab’Jenna Behrens, Chad Holubec, Cody Holubec, Casey Kidd, Erica Paniagua, Amanda Pellizzari, Leslie Ranne, Meagan Schaffner; Jr. Olympic Shooting Sports Camp’Casey Kidd. FASHION SHOW: Jay Behrens, Jenna Behrens, Lindsey Brown, Ashleigh Cook, Lora Covey, Christina DeFiore, Kendra Donaldson, Monica Griffith, Katie Kidd, Carrie Lundgren, Amanda Pellizzari, Jacque Porras, Leslie Ranne, Gracie Rocha, Cecelia Rocha, Sierra Rodgers, Sky Rodgers, Meagan Schaffner. FOOD SHOW: Hannah Artinger, Jay Behrens, Jenna Behrens, Josh Behrens, Bailey Bozeman, Seth Bozeman, Wendee Carlson, Chandra Dean, Matthew Dean, Christina DeFiore, Destiny Galindo, Cody Holubec, Chad Holubec, Zack Jones, Katie Kidd, Carrie Lundgen, TK Morris, Erica Paniagua, Amanda Pellizzari, Abby Probst, Keely Probst, Leslie Ranne, Erica Reeves, Ana Rocha, Cecilia Rocha, Gracie Rocha Meagan Schaffner, Casey Shackelford, Glenn Van Dyke, Alyssa Williams, Becca Willmann, John David Willmann. HORSE JUDGING: Alexis Adams, Damon Boyd, Lacy Broad, Lindsey Brown, Lance Helberg, Katie Kidd, Daniel McAnally, Leslie Ranne. HORSE SHOW: Molly Gage, TK Morris, Leslie Ranne. LIVESTOCK JUDGING: Jay Behrens, Zane Brandenberger, Lindsey Brown, Matthew Dean, Lance Helberg, Cody Holubec. Katie Kidd, , Casey Kidd, Randall Powell, Leslie Ranne, Quad Ranne, Glenn Van Dyke. STATE PROJECT SHOW’ RABBITS: Wendee Carlson, Amanda Pellizzari, Lee Richardson, John David Willmann, Becca Willmann. SHOOTING SPORTS: Zeb Abbott, Jess Anderson, Daniel Donaldson, Heath Hardman, Casey Kidd, Katie Kidd, Michael Land, Taylor Owens, Bonnie Richardson, Lee Richardson, James Ross, Brandon Sammons, Luke Sammons, Patrick Sammons, Sterling Sammons, Wade Skaggs, Glenn Van Dyke. SHARE THE FUN: Wendee Carlson, Ashleigh Cook, Michael Cook, Lora Covey, Chandra Dean, Russell Dean, Christina DeFiore, Destiny Galindo, Monica Griffith Chad Holubec, Cody Holubec, Katie Kidd, Brittney Parks, Leslie Ranne, Diane Shuffler, Glenn Van Dyke. 4-H PROGRAM AWARD All 4-Hers that complete a 4-H record book are eligible to receive a 4-H award rogram pin fo the progrma participated in at district or state. In addition, they are eligible for special county awards given for superior projects, leadership and community involvement during their 4-H career. Those who were recognized for program awards are: Josh Behrens’horticulture; Cody Holubec ‘ag achievement; Justin Friar’beef; Jenna Behrens’clothing ; Jay Behrens’horticulture; Casey Kidd ‘beef; Wendee Carlson ‘rabbit; Amanda Pellizzari’rabbit; Katie Kidd’ag achievement; Meagan Schaffner’swine; Chad Holubec’agriculture; Leslie Ranne ‘dog care.

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