Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Well, to start off, I’ve been hearing some rumors going around that myself and my cousin, Doris Williams, had some underlying reasons for the newly formed Keep Brady Beautiful. I am writing to try and ease the minds of these citizens. Doris helped with the Spring Clean for Abilene for six years and was a great asset. You know, one might ask, why do you want to clean up Brady’ Well, I can answer that. I am Marvin Morris and my family has a very long history in Brady. I am proud to say that John Williams, a city employee, and well known fisherman, is my great-uncle and an outstanding citizen of Brady. Sam and Ollie Morris, my grandparents, are also long time residents of Brady. My grandfather, Earl Williams, is another outstanding citizen of Brady. I remember my family talking about my grandfather driving a boat around our beautiful courthouse rescuing people during the great flood. Hmm, just another volunteer’when helping one another meant more than money. I can’t forget that I am even related to the Mayor. I guess we have all gotten so rich we seem to forget about doing good things to help our fellow man. You know, it’s hard for people to understand why someone would do something for nothing. I look at it this way, some people like to spend money betting on horse races or maybe in a casino. I am not saying that is good or bad, personally I can’t stand to lose money that way, but for the gambler, it is not the win as much as it is the game. Of course, the win is nice, but a lot of the time we don’t count what we lose. I do love the City of Brady and my only motive is to see it cleaned up. I believe our state deserves a clean “Heart.” I guess you all know I own a home on Old Mason Road where we held the clean up. I had asked several times for the City to help clean up that area by enforcing some of our laws against littering or maybe enforcing city ordinances. They always seemed to be working somewhere else or did not have time or could not locate the right person. One might say it is not the City’s responsibility to clean up this mess, well, I would disagree. They have allowed the garbage and old homes that should have been condemned to remain for years, instead of enforcing the laws preventing this. The garbage in some of these neighborhoods has been there for years. A lot of the people move in and inherit someone else’s trash. It is hard for me to lay the blame on the city government that is now at hand, but I believe they need to look at the issue responsibly. I remember when I was a five-year- old child, my aunt Delma Morris lived at the end of Beck Avenue. She had such a beautiful yard with big flowers, etc. While visiting her one day, she stated that she needed to go to Richards Library to vote. As a child full of questions, I asked why do you have to vote and what does it mean’ Aunt Delma replied, “I have to go vote for people to represent our government.” Not finished with questions, I asked, “Who is the government'” She replied, “You are the government. I am the government. We, the people, are the government.” I guess her answer has always stuck with me, but, you, know, it seems we, the people, have forgotten we are the ones that elect a city council. It seems sometimes by their actions the elected ones forget who the government is. How sad in such a wonderful country and such a beautiful city. I guess what I am getting at is you don’t have to live in the best neighborhood in town to be a part of the government. Don’t ever think your vote doesn’t count. If you are not registered to vote, I suggest you help make a difference in your city and country. Go register and vote. Vote for those people willing to help work in your neighborhood or improve your roads. It is up to you, the citizens to make the change. Keep Brady Beautiful has tried to respond to every call for help in Brady. We are working at this time with donated funds. I believe we came up about $2,000 short in the last clean up. I won’t know for certain until all the bills are in. We took in approximately 3,200 tires, not only from individuals, but from businesses who refused to make even a small contribution to better their own community. That’s OK, we will move forward to make a difference. It may slow us down a bit but with the citizens supporting us, we will work to the best of our ability to address each complaint. Please remember, we are not the law and we can only offer help to those willing to accept it. Sincerely, MARVIN MORRIS Brady, Tex.

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