Flag Football

Teams from the Brady Youth Sports Foundation flag football league matched up for the second round of regular season action this past weekend. The 13 teams that play each week are sponsored by local businesses in the Brady and surrounding area. The following is a list of game results from both divisions as well as highlights from each team’s performance. 3rd/4th Grade Division Subway 37, Barley’s CPA 0 Leading the way for Subway, Larat Lawrence stepped out in front with two completed passes and three TD’s. Michelle Owens and Jeramy Allgood also contributed with TD’s. On the Barley’s team, Korey Kuntz worked his opponent over, pulling down an interception. Jake Long completed 5 passes while Trent Barley received 2. H HOT Lube & Laser 6, Mason 0 Leading flag catchers for HOT Lube & Laser were Eli Conrad, 4 flags; Zack Conrad, 4 and Laramie Moore, 2. Zack Conrad brought down an interception, caught one pass and accounted for the TD. Several players form Mason stayed on top of their opponent’s flags which kept the Brady offense in check. H Leatherwood’s 19, CNB 6 Leatherwood Funeral Home’s Gregory Torres had a peak performance, running away with four touchdowns, one interception and one pulled flag. Also hanging in there and bringing down some flags were Josh Behrens 4, Dylan Jacoby 3, and Chris Lopez 2. Behrens also accounted for one game interception. H 5th/6th Grade Division Jacoby Feed & Seed 36, McCulloch County Vet 28 Holden Jacoby had an “all-star” night with 12 completed passes, one interception, two TD’s and two passes caught. Also contributing touchdowns were Trevor McBee, Robert Leatherwood and T.J. Blair who accounted for two. For McCulloch County Veterinary Hospital, Tommy Huerta was on top of his game with four pulled flags, four completed passes, and three TD’s. Nick Kwast scored two touchdowns and Wade Skaggs and Patrick Sammons each scored one. Also, Kwast and Sammon each earned an interception. Others making strong points of play in the game were Jace Fincher who had four pulled flags and Andy Sadillo who pulled down two. H Oglebay Norton 16, Countywide 2 Will Schumann had two flags, three completed passes, four caught passes and two TD’s in the game. Robert Smith also brought in a touchdown and caught an interception. Brian Harris kept the game rolling for Countywide with five flags, six completed passes, one interception and two caught passes. Aaron Harris also had a good game with three flags, one completed pass, four passes caught and one interception. J.T. Owens contributed three flags and one completed pass. H Jacoby Feed & Seed 28, McDonald’s 14 T.J. Blair ran in two TD’s followed by one from Trever McBee and one from Sammy Telford. Coleman Hemphill along with Telford accounted for four pulled flags. McBee and Holden Jacoby each had three flags. For McDonald’s, Jamie Taylor had three flags, one completed pass and two TD’s. Tyler Campbell also brought in a TD and accounted for one flag and two good passes. Brantley King got two flags and completed one pass. H Rick Melcer 26, BNB 12 Dustin Talley led the pack with five flags, nine passes, two interceptions and one TD. Also running in touchdowns were Nolan Landis, Chase Remini and Cody Melcer. Landis, A.J. Houston and Remini each accounted for three flags. Justin Friar had a good game for BNB with one flag, three passes, one interception and one touchdown. Pulling down three flags each were Jon Jordan, Matthew Griffice and Fernando Nandine. Austin Reed also scored a TD. H McDonald’s 13, Mason 6 Brantley King stepped out with five completed passes, two flags, one caught pass and a TD. Tyler Campbell made a showing with five flags, one completed pass and three catches. Chase Epley had a good day also with three flags, and an interception. Mason’s Ross Lambert was all hands in the game, pulling down nine completed passes and swiping two flags. Hunter Frey got four flags as well as Michael Hahn. Justin Denny walked away with two flags, one caught pass and a TD.

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