McCulloch County Literacy Council breaks new ground

The McCulloch County Adult Literacy Council met on Sept. 7 at the Helping Hands building where council members had a chance to examine three newly installed computers. A grant from the G. Rollie White Trust provided funds for the installation along with software for three self teaching English programs which are available to adult literacy students. During the business meeting, the following officers were elected for the upcoming year: Jan Byler, chairman; Marge Carbin, vice chairman; LaVern Smith, secretary; Blossom McDonough, treasurer; Jessalu Lorck, student tutor coordinator; and Jane Holubec, publicity. Plans were made for the Student Recognition Program scheduled for early November. The McCulloch County Literacy Council encourages prospective students to enroll now. Additional tutors are also needed. To enroll as a student or to volunteer as a tutor, call 597-2646.

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