Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I don’t know about you in Brady, but I am sick and tired of having my electricity go out every time the wind blows or every time a storm pops up. On top of that, we also have some of the highest utility bills of anyone in the whole state of Texas. Fortunately, I do not have to pay a utility bill in this county. When I am here in Brady, I stay with my parents, and their utility bill last month was almost $600. This is a little ridiculous. I don’t care where the electricity has to come from, electricity just does not cost that much. For the amount of money we pay, our electric lines should be made of gold. Instead here in Brady, we are still in the stone ages of electric line technology. Most people probably don’t know what I am talking about, but I used to build power lines for a living in Bandera. Bandera is no bigger than Brady, yet they have some of the best looking power lines in the state. They also don’t have to put up with their power going out sometimes three to four times a week. Everything is new, and it is put together exactly like the “spec” book says it should be. I can’t say that about Brady. The electric coop in Bandera takes a tremendous amount of pride in their work. If you don’t believe me, if you are ever in Bandera, take a few minutes and look at their power lines. Then come back to Brady and look at ours. Here in Brady, there is wire and insulators in the air and poles in the ground that could probably literally have been put there by my great-great-granddad. I also know for a fact that the people of Bandera don’t have the outrageous utility bills that we have. So, why can’t we have brand new power lines here in Brady’ With the bills that we are paying, I know for a fact that it’s not because we can’t afford it. So, where is our money going’ Interesting question! I am not trying to make anyone look bad, or mad at me. I just don’t feel that my parents, or anyone who pays an extremely high utility bill in this county, should have to put up with the extremely poor service that we receive. I can go home to Abilene and set my alarm clock and not have to worry about resetting it for several years’literally. I have to reset the alarm clock at my parents’ house here in Brady sometimes three to four times in one week. That is unacceptable for the amount of money we pay. If other parts of the state can have nice, new up-to-date power lines without the outrageous utility bills, I see no reason why Brady can’t do the same. I work for the state of Texas, and I have had the opportunity to live in several cities across the state. I have yet to see any city with as high a utility bill as what we have here in Brady. Brady, don’t be afraid to stand and speak up for yourself. If you continue to put up with poor quality service for an outrageous price without saying something about it, that is all you are ever going to receive. Sincerely, STEPHEN HILL Abilene, Tex.

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