Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Let’s get down to the truth about why prayer is taken out of the schools. The prayer that is being fought is the Christian prayer. The prayer that is related to words like God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, repentance, forgiveness, heaven and hell. It’s about stories like Sodom and Gomorrah, Samson and Delilah, Daniel in the lion’s den and Jesus – his death and resurrection. It’s about phrases such as “America the Great,” “God Bless America” and the great one we always see so much of on our money and government buildings, “In God We Trust.” All of these came out of the Holy Bible. This should not be news to anyone, but for those that don’t recall, this nation was built on God’s Almighty word. Our forefathers set up our whole judicial system by the laws given to man from the Holy Bible. Why do you think our money has “In God We Trust'” Because they knew the importance of Christianity and abiding by God’s word and his love for us. I’m sorry, but this is a fact and it offends non-believers. Prayer is our direct line to God. God tells us to never stop praying. Pray for the sick, pray for the lost, pray for the hurting. Never cease praying for each other. Pray for the young and for the old and lonely, etc. etc. Now tell me, why would the U.S. Supreme Court want us to stop praying’ If prayers are in vain, so be it, nothing happens. If prayers are answered, then we have everything to gain. After all, prayers lifted to God are requests for his goodness to be bestowed upon us. We pray for the safety of our children on the fields or on the courts. We pray for the safety for the spectators in their travels. We ask God to bless our nation and watch over all of us. Since the beginning of this nation there have been trials and tribulations for our parents and our grandparents before us, but the people of this country always had something to hold on to and that was God. People flocked to this country because our ancestors believed in god and that it meant freedom and fairness. I grant you, we had black slavery in this country, but believe me, there were many white people praying to change that as there were black. Through the grace of God, those prayers were answered. True, we don’t live in a bed of roses, but because of belief in God he has blessed this country. We have a great life, no matter how bad you have it, in comparison to the third world country’s and it’s not just because of chance. We can’t let a few people (U.S. Supreme Court) be the down fall of our nation. Our children need to pray and we need to pray to keep this country safe. The United States of America is all they have. Where will your children or your grandchildren go if this country continues to fall to immoral decay and more socialism’ Give them hope, give them God. Teach them to pray, anywhere, for everyone and everyday. LEE ANN BUSH

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