Dogs to fete dads here at Winters tilt

The Brady Bulldogs will be honoring their fathers Friday night as they take on the Winters Blizzards’always a rough-and-tumble affair’here in Bulldog Stadium. The “Dad’s Night” ceremonies begin at 7:40 p.m. with the game starting at 8 p.m. Apparently it’s a much stronger team the Blizzards are bringing here this year. They already have two victories under their belt, 20-8 over Crane and 14-6 over Anson. The Bulldogs, holding one 38-6 win over Ballinger, are returning to action after a week’s layoff, and as Brady Coach Chuck York said, “It’s like opening the season again.” Whether the layoff has helped or hurt will be seen Friday. “We had some pretty fair workouts last week, but they haven’t looked so good this week,” York added. The Blizzards always put up a good fight with the Bulldogs, but they haven’t whipped the Doggies since 1953, a long drouth. Brady won in 1954 by 13-6, in 1955 by 21-0, in 1956 by 13-7, in 1957 by 40-7, and last year by 34-6. “We have no serious injuries,” York said. Just a few colds, bruises and sprains, but we’re more or less free of injuries.” What about Winters” “They have a good, sound ball club, not really big but better than average speed. And they don’t make mistakes. They know their lessons and hit good. The fact they’ve beaten two pretty good teams indicates they’re pretty good, too.” The Blizzards are led by Jerry Dunnam, 161 pounds, at quarter back. At left half is Joel Butts, 145 and at right half will be either J.B. Guy, 147, or William Grisson, 163. The power is at fullback, Dalton Attaway, 176. In the line are James Williams, 182, and Jimmy Smith, 137, at ends; David Burton, 158, and Elmer Nelson, 164, at tackles; Louis Dietz, 146, and Rodney Butts, 158, at guards; and George Scott, 171, at center. There are no major changes in the Brady lineup. * * * New livestock association to elect directors Members of the McCulloch County Livestock Association will meet Tuesday night to elect directors and complete organization of the new group. The meeting starts at 7:45 p.m. at the National Guard Armory. A nominating committee (Sam McAnally, Don Neal and George Reed) will nominate 24 candidates for directors, and the members will elect 12. The association now has 75 paid memberships, and others are invited to join. Dues are $5 per year. Among its first projects the association will hold a feeder pig sale at the Heart O’ Texas Commission Co., Saturday, Sept. 26. A committee also has bought materials to construct a roping arena in front of the Jubilee grandstand for use in a quarter horse show Nov. 7. The arena will be built so bucking chutes can be added later for possible staging of rodeo events. * * * Gas field designated Discovery of gas on the Charlie Miller place in Fife has been designated by the Texas Railroad Commission as the Lojon (Strawn sand) gas field of McCulloch County. The field was opened Aug. 4 with completion of the well by the Low Drilling Co. and E.C. Johnston. Located 3 and 3/4 miles northwest of Fife, the well was finaled for a calculated, absolute open flow of 3,100,000 cubic feet of gas per day through perforations between 1,376-384 feet. The Miller well is about one mile southwest of Pioneer Natural Gas Company’s wells at Waldrip and about 3 and 1/2 miles northeast of gas wells completed recently on the W.W. Walker and L.S. Walker places in the same Strawn sand. * * * Move for city-rural dial service backed Efforts to set up direct-dialing telephone service between Brady and six rural telephone exchanges in McCulloch County won the support of the Brady City Council Tuesday night. The Council endorsed the move in a resolution. The proposed system would permit telephone subscribers in Brady to dial toll-free’without the assistance of an operator’to telephones in the Melvin, Voca, Lohn, Doole, Rochelle and Mercury exchanges. Residents in the rural areas could dial into Brady, of course. Such a system went into effect in Mason County Sept. 6. Mason subscribers now can dial direct to phones in Streeter, Katemcy and Fredonia. The Brady Council’s resolution said that negotiations to establish the city-rural service now are pending between Southwestern States Telephone Company, which operates the Brady exchange, and Central Texas Telephone Co-op, which operates the six rural exchanges in the county. The Council said it “believes such toll-free direct dialing to be most desirable for the people of these communities; to be very beneficial to the economy of this entire area and ultimately to be advantageous” to both telephone companies. * * * Society The Damrosch Music Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Edward Geeslin Saturday, Sept. 19 at 9:30 a.m. A special program giving the history of the club for the past 25 years has been arranged. * * * Carolyn Hodges Lohn FHA President The Lohn FHA chapter met Sept. 15 in the homemaking department. Vice president Peggy Solsbery presided until the new president was elected. Officers elected for the year were: President, Carolyn Hodges; vice president, Karen Willey; secretary, Joan Fullagar; treasurer, Glenda Johnson; parliamentarian, Kaye Johnson, historian, Peggy Solsbery; reporter, Brenda Snodgrass; song leader, Barbara Finlay; and pianist, Marilyn Short. The FHA beau was also elected but will not be announced until later. PERSONAL MENTIONS Proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Harrell Simpson of Dallas are the proud parents of a son, born Friday, Sept. 11 at Baylor Hospital. The baby, named Darrell (Randy) Randell, weighed six pounds and 11 ounces. Mrs. Charles Simpson, the paternal grandmother, and sons, Bill and Jerry and family spent last weekend in Dallas getting acquainted with the new family member.

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