Memorials to the American Cancer Society

Memorials to the American Cancer Society for the month of August were: SHARON MIDDLETON by Golda Jordan. MARILYN MYERS by Luna and Shelby Veazey, Bill and Iva Dell Huffman, Paul and Verona Garner, Jim and Margaret Draycott, John R. and Pat Moseley and Bill and Frances Bingham. BILLY BOB WHATLEY by Danna Mussman and Louise Densman. BETTY WILLIAMS by Paul and Verona Garner. EULA MAE BRADSHAW by Paul and Verona Garner, Lena Perry and Ann Bush, Drs. Jerome and Inna Wilkerson. JIM SHUFFIELD by Maxine Boggs, Susan Boggs, Leona Byers, Alice Quintero, Lisa Kidd, Betty DeRamus, Barbara Anderson, Irven and Nello Smith, Fletcher and Mary Sue Fields. DESSIE MILLINGTON by Shuffield Nursing Home, Inc. BUDDY SEATON by Rodney Rutherford, Ed and Joan Keeling and family, L.D. and Carol Henderson, Foti and Andrea Defterios, Bank of America, Los Angeles, Calif. B.K. COOPER by Russell and Marjorie Tinsley, L.D. and Carol Henderson, Ernest, Janie Henderson and girls; Greg, Caroline and Carson. R.C. STARKS by Carl R. and Skipper Keith. DR. ROBERT HAYS by Donna Clifton, Drs. Jerome and Inna Wilkerson, Ed and Joan Keeling, Cecil and Pat Schill, Mary Ella Williamson, Mary and James Bates. GLENN HEMPHILL by Jim and Betty Whitten, Dorothy Wingard and Bernice Bradshaw, L.D. and Carol Henderson. L.J. (PAT) PATTERSON by Donna L. Clifton, Golda Jordan, Johnny R. and Liz Rudder. DOROTHY WOOTEN by Marjorie H. Crutchfield. DEBBIE SIEGER by James and Mary Bates. BILL HARGROVES by Mary Ella Williamson. Memorials and contributions to the American Cancer Society may be sent to Memorial Chairman, Carol V. Henderson, P.O. Box 2, Voca, Tex. 76887.

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