Lock up car or lose valuables

The recent rash of car burglaries reported last week hasn’t hit home with Brady residents as the Brady Police Department makes a second plea for everyone to lock their vehicles. The Brady PD responded to four reported car burglaries Tuesday night which brought a great deal of awareness to the south side of town where three of the burglaries took place (South China, Laurel Drive and South High).While the crimes are popping up all over town, this area seems to be a heavier concentrated section of the community. According to Chief John Stewart, these individuals are walking from house to house, carefully inspecting each vehicle that is readily available. Personal belongings and items left overnight in vehicles are being stolen from parked cars located along curbs and in residential driveways. The biggest caution expressed by the department is to not leave purses or other valuable items exposed in an unlocked in a vehicle. The department is responding to an estimated one to two thefts every two to three days, and with Tuesday night’s incidents occurring, that estimate is expected to escalate even higher. According to Chief Stewart, most of the articles are being recovered. “We’re finding purses that were thrown in dumpsters or alongside streets. We’re recovering credit cards and personal identification cards. Cash is usually the only item taken from these purses. “This is a hassle for the victims. They have to go through the trouble of cancelling their credit cards and filing for new identification.” Another incident occurred on Saturday where the department responded to a car theft gone bad. According Chief Stewart, three teenage boys attempted to steal a car on West Walker, several blocks from a residence that had previously been targeted. One teenager was injured in the mishap and transported to the hospital. The individual was pinned under the car when one of the other teenagers tried to leave the scene with the stolen car. “This is certainly a concern for us,” said Stewart. “These are the times that we live in and people need to be aware of the crime that is out there.” Anyone with information on this or any other case may call CrimeStoppers at 597-1111. Persons providing information will remain anonymous and could receive a CrimeStoppers reward of up to $1,000. The next and final phase of the Brady Police Department’s 2000 special traffic enforcement campaign will begin on Saturday, Sept. 2 and end on Friday, Sept. 8. Officers are reporting fewer passengers not secured by seat belts each time the program is implemented. Across the state and nation, officers are working traffic assignments geared at increasing public awareness of the laws governing speed and occupant restraints. Officers this weekend will be stationed at various points across the city working radar and enforcing seat belt and child restraint laws. According to the state transportation code, section 545.413, people commit an offense if they: ‘ are at least 15 years of age, riding in the front seat of a passenger car that is equipped with a safety belt, and not secured; or ‘ are allowing a person who is at least four years of age but younger than 15 years of age to ride in a vehicle equipped with safety belts without requiring that person to be secured by a safety belt. Section 545.412 states that people commit an offense if they operate a passenger car or light truck and: ‘ transport a child younger than two years of age and do not keep the child secured during operation in a child passenger safety seat according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the safety seat system; or ‘ transport a child who is at least two years of age but younger than four years of age and do not keep the child secured during the vehicles operating in: (a) a child passenger safety seat system according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the safety seat system; or (b) in a safety belt.

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