Second Brady fire truck goes down

The Brady Fire Department is now operating with one less response vehicle following an electrical fire in the dash of Engine No. 1 Tuesday night. While enroute to a structure fire at 1107 Sagemont, the cab of the truck filled with smoke. When he arrived at the scene, Brady Fire Chief Jonathan Weidemann was alarmed to see his crew bailing out from engine No. 1. “I was following directly behind the truck when I heard it backfire. When I arrived at the scene I found my guys bailing out and reaching for fire extinguishers.” Following an examination of engine No. 1, evidence indicated that the fire ignited as a result of electrical failures in the dashboard of the fire truck. Currently the truck is in for repair at Virdell Diesel Service. Indications Wednesday morning were that the truck would need new gages, wiring and possibly a new ignition switch. According to Chief Weidemann, the fire inside the house was contained shortly after the department arrived and was a result of a motor that caught fire in an exhaust fan in the home’s restroom. As reported earlier this week, the department is already suffering from the temporary loss of the newest booster truck. This truck is currently undergoing repair for structural problems and will be out of service for approximately two more weeks. Due to the shortage of reliable fire fighting equipment, Brady has acquired the use of two backup fire trucks on loan from the Mason VFD. While at the scene Tuesday night, Chief Weidemann, along with other local officials made the decision to contact Mason to request the use of the second truck until the repairs could be completed.

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