Police warns car owners to ‘lock up’

A recent rash of car burglaries has local law enforcement officials reminding citizens to lock their vehicles. With car burglaries on a rise, the department is responding to an estimated one to two thefts every two to three days. The articles are being stolen from parked cars located along curbs or in residential driveways. According to police chief John Stewart, most of the articles are being recovered. “We’re finding purses that were thrown in dumpsters or alongside streets. We are recovering property such as credit cards and personal identification. Cash is usually the only item taken from these purses. “This is a hassle for the victims. They have to go through the trouble of cancelling their credit cards and filing for new identification.” Chief Stewart added that the larger number of burglaries are occurring on the south side of town. While the crimes are popping up all over town, this area seems to be the most targeted. “Anything we could get on these burglaries would be worth a CrimeStoppers tip and could lead to a cash reward,” added Stewart.

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