Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Keep Brady Beautiful has been the focus of much attention in our quaint little city recently. For those interested in seeing the more scenic side of Brady, take a drive down North Walnut Street. Be sure to slow down along the 1900 block and take notice of the artistic array of automotive parts, junked vehicles, oil spills, articles of clothing and other miscellaneous items strewn about front yards, landscaping the neighborhood. Take a left on Ballou Street for the full effect and be sure not to miss the Pride of Brady, the Northside Garbage Heaps. For additional enjoyment and sightseeing pleasure, a left on Grant Street completes the tour. I have attempted time and time again to motivate city officials to rectify this “trashy” situation. I’ve spoken with Gary Broz, Clarence Friar, Jesse McAnally, Keep Brady Beautiful and the Chief of Police and several of his officers. This morning I even contacted the TNRCC. These officials have refused to even look. On June 29, the City sent letters to individuals guilty of junk collecting. In July, several of the junked vehicles were tagged. According to City ordinance, if tagged vehicles are not moved within 10 days, the City would remove the vehicles in question. Nothing happened. As a matter of fact, more junked vehicles made their way to these front yards and vacant lots. A business is being run from the front yard of one of these residences. Because this area is not zoned commercial, this is another violation of City ordinance. Again, no action is being taken. I have tried every approach of which I can conceive to resolve this situation. No one wants to help. So I have decided to ask the Citizens of Brady for input. Perhaps someone out there, someone who is truly concerned with our community, can help me in some way. This little city is full of potential as a tourist attraction. Brady is a wonderful place to raise a family and retire. But the apathy of City officials will detrimentally affect all that makes Brady a delightful community. So, as proud concerned citizens of Brady and McCulloch County, please help me in my push for action. Thank you. BILL NESBIT Brady, Tex.

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