Council okays slight increase in city taxes

Residents will soon see a slight increase in city taxes following the City Council’s decision Tuesday night to raise the tax rate from last year’s 0.2809 to 0.28378. The slight rise in the tax rate is partly due to a decrease in appraised values. The appraisal value in Brady dropped from $115,879,000 last year to $114,596, 000 this year; therefore the tax rate needed to be adjusted slightly to offset the difference. The item was unanimously approved by the Council on its first reading as an ordinance and will return to the Council for a second and third reading in the next two meetings. With the full intention of seeing Brady transformed into a productive and prosperous city, the Council voted to lease a section of land located near Curtis Field Airport on a long-term lease agreement with Texas Aero-Color. The item was presented to the Council by the Brady Economic Development Corporation. The EDC’s intent was to get a firm commitment from the Council that the land and long-term lease option would be made available to the company before advancing any further with bids to construct the facility. The position of building official, previously held by now Councilman Jesse McAnally, was finally filled Tuesday night when the Council voted to accept the recommendation of City Manager Gary Broz. Peter McKinney, a local resident of Brady, will fill the position and will begin his new employment with the City in the next few weeks. In the ordinance section of the agenda, the Council: ‘ Approved the third reading of an ordinance amending park fees at Richards Park from $4.50 to $7.50 per night’s stay; ‘ Approved the third reading of an ordinance amending cemetery fees (purchase of lots) to $250 for residents living inside the city limits and $325 for residents living outside the city limits; (opening and closing of graves) $250 on normal workdays for residents living inside the city limits and $300 on Saturdays and holidays (no Sunday services or Monday services before 10 a.m. shall be allowed); ‘Approved the third reading of an ordinance amending solid waste landfill fees from $4 per cubic yard to $9.50 per ton (trash, rubbish, brush, leaves, etc.); from $4 per cubic yard to $16.50 per ton for commercial business use; and from $4 to $22.50 per ton for service to residents and businesses located outside the city limits; ‘Approved the third reading of an ordinance amending EMS fees to $285 for basic services; $350 for advanced life support; and all mileage charges from $3 to $5 per mile; ‘Approved the third reading of an ordinance amending water rates from a residential base meter charge of $5 to $7.50 per month; and a commercial base meter charge of $6 to $8 per month with the same breakdown of escalated usage; ‘Approved the third reading of an ordinance adopting the 2000-2001 fiscal year budget. Included in the budget is the estimated purchase price of a new fire truck for the Brady Fire Department. Other ordinances which received approval on their first readings included requests for water services outside the city limits. Approvals went to Billy Turner at West 6th and 11th Streets; Johnny Jones on West 17th Street across from the G. Rollie White Complex; Franz Wels on Highway 2309 East; and James and Colleen Friar at 2200 Nine Road. A complaint was lodged by an audience member as to why the City would consider authorizing water service to residents outside the city limits when residents at Dodge Heights (zoned as inside city limits with reference to Brady Lake) were denied the luxury. Questions were also raised as to whether or not the City would incur any costs with the new procedures. The Council kept those questions in mind when they decided to approve all ordinances on their first readings with the understanding that all persons requesting water service would be made liable for all incurred costs. A public hearing was also conducted in the meeting, and following a brief discussion, the Council will at a later date hold a special meeting to pass a resolution authorizing the City to apply to the Housing and Community Affairs for the 2001-2002 TCDP Water Grant. The item concerns a high service pump and water tank for City Well No. 3. According to Broz, the well needs to be upgraded to a larger capacity. After only one hour into the meeting, the Council heard an address from Keep Brady Beautiful organizer Doris Williams highlighting the successes of the recent recycling event and clean-up held last weekend. The organization informed the Council of its intent to proceed with locating a site for a full-time recycling center. KBB also expressed their appreciation for the City’s help with the event and the personal donations that were received.

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