Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: At a recent council meeting allegations were made from one citizen that board members of the Keep Brady Beautiful organization would be benefiting personally from the upcoming cleanup effort. It is the opinion of Keep Brady Beautiful that everyone in Brady including each person who uses the landfill to dump free on the days of the cleanup, the people who live in the cleanup area, the City of Brady, the County of McCulloch, every citizen who has tires, non working appliances, etc. that needs to be disposed of will benefit from Keep Brady Beautiful’s efforts. The president of Keep Brady Beautiful, Marvin Morris personally purchased several pieces of property in Brady. Upon the completed renovation of the property located at 702 Carey, Mr. Morris has generously offered to deed that property for the new office of Keep Brady Beautiful. Mr. Morris has also offered the profit (if any) from the sale of the other properties he has purchased to Keep Brady Beautiful to help continue the cleanup of future neighborhoods. Keep Brady Beautiful has had a tremendous response from the citizens of Brady. Keeping Brady Beautiful begins with each of us and will benefit each of us both in our everyday living and our business. Keep Brady Beautiful encourages everyone to make a difference and volunteer their time to help their neighborhoods and their neighbors to make a difference in the area in which we all live and our children play. Keep Brady Beautiful encourages everyone to attend the council meetings and address to the council their concerns for better neighborhoods and streets. We encourage everyone to get involved and stay involved. Keeping Brady Beautiful is everyone’s job and together we can all make a difference regardless where we live. Sincerely, Marvin Morris Joann Wilson Doris Williams Gayla Bowen Keep Brady Beautiful

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