Carrithers announces bid for County Attorney slot

Ed Carrithers has authorized the Brady Standard-Herald to announce that he has filed his declaration of write-in candidacy for the office of county attorney for McCulloch County. Carrithers was born and grew up in Brady, graduating from Brady High School in 1960. He attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, receiving a bachelor arts degree in 1964. He later graduated from Southern Methodist University School of Law earning his juris doctor degree in 1966. He served in the United States Army Reserve from 1967 to 1973. He engaged in the practice of law with offices in Houston from 1967 to 1983. In the summer of 1983, he and his family returned to Brady where he has been primarily active in the practice of law to date. He is married to Charlotte Carrithers. Together they have two children, a daughter, Charmaine I. Carrithers, who is an attorney working and living in Houston, and a son, Charles T. Carrithers, who lives in Brady and works in ranching and the hunting industry. “I have extensive experience in the handling of cases in the county and district courts, not only in Brady, but in courts throughout the State of Texas,” said Carrithers. “The county attorney’s office handles misdemeanor cases: mainly driving while intoxicated, hot checks, assault and other misdemeanor crimes all of which I am qualified to handle.” “I look forward to the opportunity to work with Randy Young, our county judge and our local law enforcement officers. I believe that my experience in the trial cases in McCulloch County gives me valuable insight to some of the problems in obtaining convictions on cases that go to a jury trial. I further believe that I can work with our local law enforcement officers to obtain a higher conviction rate. “If elected to the position of county attorney, I will devote the necessary time to perform the duties and responsibilities of that office and I will be available and accessible at all times to the judge, law enforcement officers and the citizens of McCulloch County. “I believe that it is time that we have a county attorney who is from McCulloch County. I also feel that the citizens of this county are entitled to be treated fairly and with the respect within our legal system and that justice should be fair and equal to all.”

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