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The annual meeting of the Lohn Valley Improvement Association is scheduled for next Wednesday Aug. 9 at 7 p.m. at the tabernacle. Coincidentally Aug. 9 is the same date as the initial meeting was held to form the organization in 1978. This will be the 21st annual meeting and the first order of business will be food-a pot luck supper. Everyone in the Lohn valley is invited to attend and bring your favorite dish. The present board of directors is Ray McMurray, Larry Walker, Kathy Johnstone, Celeta Reed, Frances Bingham, Nina Solsbery, and Shirley Doyal. Frances and Ray will be going off the board. The nominating committee, Ann Walker, Peggy Hemphill and Joyce McMurray, will have two nominees to replace them; or nominations will be accepted from the floor during the business meeting. We hope that some of our new residents will attend and become involved in community affairs. Visitors and ex-residents returning to Lohn are impressed that such as small community as ours can continually maintain and even improve the park and tabernacle. It is a community effort which has been going on for the last 22 years. The present board did a wonderful job on Homecoming 2000 and everyone appreciates their efforts. The JAC’s Island Beach Party 2000 was held July 28-30 at the Heart of Texas Bible Camp in Brady. JAC stands for three well known families from this area’Johnstone, Amarine and Coonrod. A great deal of planning and thought went into the beautifully decorated recreation hall using a nautical theme with hula skirts and other items to create a beach effect. Friday evening’s menu “2000 Leagues Under the Sea” added to the theme with fish, shrimp and crab for the main course. Saturday evening’s meal was prepared by the “Island Roasters” who fed the crowd brisket, sausage and the works. Needless to say a good time was had by all. Attending this year were Nolan and Peggy Underwood, Lee and Lois Underwood and Kristi from Kerrville; Wynell Coonrod Jackson from Corpus Christi; Wayne and Jo Amarine from Monahans; Bill and Reba Coonrod Pyles from Arlington; Ginny and Cassie Pyles from Granbury; Oleta Amerine Kuhlman from Mason; E.W. and Polly Frost from Lohn; Buddy and Juanice Amarine Scott from Greenville, N.C.; Jean Amarine, Richard and Beverly Burnham from Mexia; Jimmy and Sheryl Allred, Whitnee and Jarod from Abilene; Michael and Jamie Hedrick and Lauren from Kyle; Chris and Jennifer Underwood, Aaron and Brent from Fredericksburg; Malcolm and Beverly Underwood and Ellie from Mercury; David and Lori Underwood and Blaine Lyla, and Barry Bivens, Trixie, Richard from Brady; Arnold and Carolyn Amarine from Denver, Co; Delmer and Mary Johnson from Mission, their daughter, Sharon Grumbles and family, Kelly Parker, Clay Parker, Dillion Grumbles, four generations represented in this family; also Ken and Becky Nitchman, Stephanie, Andy and Sarah. The Amarine family boasts two preachers, Arnold Amarine and Delmer Johnson. Delmer is the son of the late Omer and Iva Myrtle Amarine. Awards were presented to: the best all around-Peggy Underwood; foot prints in the sand-Nolan Underwood; slickest “dome” (head)-Buddy Scott; oldest-Jo Amarine; youngest-Clay Parker, three months; best attired-Jo Amarine. E.W. and Polly Frost attended a three day reunion in Abilene when the Betterton family met on July 21-23 at Buffalo Gap State Park. The Betterton family is Jewel Hills relations, (Polly’s mom). Although they didn’t know some of the people, they had an enjoyable time. There was almost 90 people in attendance. Victor and Jeannie Lohn, Bridget and Matthew visited with E.W. and Polly on Wed. July 26. Lyla and T.R. joined them that evening. Victor ordered two pictures of the Lohn school since he was unable to be here for Homecoming. He lives in Oklahoma. He sent a nice note saying the pictures were very good. We still have a few left, if anyone would like one to pass on to your grandchildren with a brief history of the school on the back. I regret that we do not have any cook books although people are still asking for them. Several families were in Lubbock recently to attend the All Star Basketball game in which Jason Smith played. Leisa Smith, Scooter Nowlin and daughter, Nicole, Tommy and Patty Smith, Tyler and Tammy from Lohn; Scott Smith from San Angelo; Angelica Adame from Brady; also Leon and Anna Freeman, Tori and Riley McFarland. Lubbock was crowded that weekend as there was also a Texas Sheriff’s conference. Burnard and Tiney Browning attended that event and stopped overnight at Opal Browning’s home before returning to Port Lavaca. Burnard is Sheriff of Calhoon County. Tiney, who was Mayor of Port Lavaca for thirteen years retired from that office. We have had two people on the sick list, Mary Davila and Jackie Horne. Both have been patients in the Brady hospital and are back at their homes now. Missouri has become a mecca for Texans now, especially Branson and people seem to enjoy traveling to that area. Jerrell and Peggy Hemphill drove there for a six day vacation and enjoyed the cooler climate among other things. Chocky Moore traveled to Springfield, MO. last week to visit his son, Brent, and wife, Reese, and three grandchildren, Megan, who is five, and one year old twin boys, Daniel and Collin. The Brent Moores plan to be in Lohn toward the end of August.

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