Brady ISD informs parents of new bus schedule, routes

With the new school year beginning in less than two weeks, Brady ISD officials are looking to inform parents and students of the most recent changes that affect potential school bus passengers. For this reason, officials in the BISD transportation department are attempting to inform parents of the qualifications to ride a school bus to the respective campuses in town. According to BISD transportation director Alton Bradshaw, the main determining factor of eligibility is that a student must live at least two miles from their respective campus or live in what the state has determined as a hazard area. According to a state-surveyed map of the City of Brady, there are five zones within the city limits that determine what students may ride school buses to what campuses. “These routes are no different than is previous years, but we are trying to inform the public of what will be happening prior to the first week of school,” said Bradshaw. Each of the five zones have a predetermined set of rules based upon the proximity to each campus. In Zone 1, all students living in this area located anywhere east of South Bridge Street or U.S. Hwy. 377 may ride the bus to their respective campuses. The state has determined that the high traffic along that street qualifies this area as a hazard area. Students that live in Zone 2 are eligible to ride to any campus except North Ward. Students in Zone 3 are not eligible to ride to any campus except North Ward. Students in Zone 4 are not eligible to ride to the high school, but they are eligible to ride to all other campuses. Students in Zone 5 are eligible to ride to all campuses except the high school. “We will pick up and deliver all pre-K and kindergarten students at their home address only,” stated Bradshaw. “All other eligible students in grades 1-12 will be picked up at a location to be determined by the driver such as the corner of a block.” Buses will be running on basically the same routes as in previous years with the addition of one new route on the east side of town to accommodate the higher number of students. Parents should be asking their children for the forms handed out by the individual bus drivers that must be filled out and returned as soon as possible. “The forms the drivers will be passing out have the rules and regulations printed on them,” said Bradshaw. “These forms must be read and signed by the parent or guardian as well as the student so they understand the safety rules for bus riding. Also, these forms are used to develop a roster for each route which in turn will be submitted to the state for funding verification.” All out-of-town bus routes will remain the same as in previous years but pickup times might be earlier to begin with until all schedules and passenger loads are finalized. “All bus routes may begin a little early for the first week or so until the drivers can determine what the actual passenger load will be,” said Bradshaw. “There may also be some pickup time adjustments made due to the Brady Middle School beginning at 7:40 a.m.” With the upcoming construction scheduled to begin on U.S. Hwy. 190 West, Bradshaw reiterates that as the year progresses and construction affects traffic flow, bus schedules may have to be adjusted to accommodate the increased travel time. Parents who personally deliver their children to their respective campuses will follow the same traffic flow as last year. Again, construction throughout the year will possibly require modifications and changes to facilitate more efficient traffic flow. For more information about eligibility or for information on school bus routes, contact Bradshaw or Syndy Cory at 597-1903.

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