News from Voca Volunteer Fire Department

The Voca Volunteer Fire Department met July 6 for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was called to order by chairman Duane Reddell at 7:05 p.m. Immediately following, Greg Dustin moved to adopt the agenda as amended with Alphonse Dotson seconding the motion and all others giving approval to adopt as well. The minutes from the previous meeting were given to each member. Barry Deans moved to adopt the minutes. Seconding the motion was Doug Beaman. With all members moving to adopt the item, the minutes from the previous meeting were approved. In the treasurer’s report, Doug Beaman gave a brief discussion. With Greg Dustin, followed by Barry Deans voting to approve the monthly treasurer’s report, the item received a unanimous approval. A report in the correspondence section of the agenda showed that the department has obtained a line of credit from Higginbotham’s and affirmation of tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. With consideration to old business, the building slab was completed and funded as a budgeted item. Young’s Concrete, Higginbotham’s and Don Arens contributed material or labor at reduced prices to help lower the initial estimate. Steel and material has been delivered for the new building by Mueller. Steve Byrd has also contributed with a generous donation of building insulation. More work parties are needed. In the new business section of the meeting, an auto accident response was discussed at length. Currently there appears to be conflicting guidance from police and fire departments when VVFD should be called to assist. Reddell will address the issue with Brady FD. The VVFD will continue to respond while all parties concerned attempt to better define who, how and when the VVFD can provide assistance. Fuel pump keys have been received. The gas key will be kept in truck No. 1 while the diesel key will be kept in the pumper truck. In closing, an announcement was made informing meeting attendees that inquiries have been received from several insurance companies requesting the ISO rating. Reddell will submit accreditation requests to update the ISO rating. The new fire truck was used to assist Brady FD for the first time recently. A radio needs to be installed as soon as possible in the pumper truck. Fire phone volunteers will be asked to notify all members of each monthly or special meeting. Members will be pulling hoses and folding them at the next meeting. Those in attendance are asked to dress accordingly. The meeting adjourned following a motion by Beaman and a second by Betty Deans at 8:15 p.m.

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