Jubilee may be in black by $2,000

The 1959 July Jubilee apparently will show a profit of $1,500 to $2,000. Charlie Darley, Jubilee treasurer, still has some bills to pay, but the figures so far indicate the Jubilee enjoyed probably its best season financially since the beginning of the drouth. The $2,000 profit is on the July 4th celebration alone; it doesn’t include the year-around cost of maintenance and repair of the Jubilee racing plant. “We had very good cooperation. For the last three or four years, we’ve had an increase in the number of people helping. And the more help you get, the more successful any operation is,” Darley said. Admission at the horse races were up about $1,000 this year, and income on the Big D Jamboree, the Miss Heart O’ Texas contest, the sheep dog trials and the dance was up about $1,200. “The carnival receipts were about the same as last year, except that we made more in three days than we did in four days last year.” At the horse races the Jubilee paid out $6,580 in purses in the three days, including the entry fees and the Merchants’ Derby purse. “And that’s a lot of money for a track like this,” Darley pointed out. Darley plans to have a more complete financial statement ready for the directors at the annual membership meeting in August. This year’s profit compares with $182 made on the show in 1958. General Manager Korky Steffens said the bank balance “will give us something to start on next year’We’re just going to have to make the Jubilee pay if it continues. “It’s hard to name all the people who worked on the Jubilee. They are cooperative and willing to assume the responsibility of their jobs. “I enjoyed working with them. There were few people I contacted who wouldn’t work if they could. Of course, this is the busiest time of the year for some people.” * * * C-C business panel named G.P. Kittle will serve this year as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Business Development Committee. Others on the committee are R.A. McShan and Andy Allen, counselsor from the C-C Board of Directors; Ramond Wilensky, Nelson Dukes, Beekie Lohn, A.R. Rutherford, D.L. Wheeler and L.B. Smith. Wilensky heads the retail trade committee. Others on the committee are Darmon Bratton, Ray Cates, Hymie Myers, R.A. McShan, Bob Wilson, John Rudder and Bernal Jordan. * * * Lohn News We haven’t had showers since last Thursday and the fields are getting dry enough for farmers to start poisoning cotton for myraid insects. A few farmers have availed themselves of airplane dusters. Cultivating the cotton and hoeing will be the order of the day as soon as it dries sufficiently. Miss Lane Walker arrived home last Tuesday by plane from Washington, D.C., where she spent the past year as a student in Hunter Laboratories while taking a medical technology course. Upon finishing the course, she took the National Board examination to become registered. Larry Walker accompanied his sister to Lubbock Saturday where she obtained a job with the West Texas Hospital in Lubbock as medical technologist. She will assume her duties in September following a vacation visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Walker and brother, Larry. Lane and Larry enjoyed a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hodges while in Lubbock. They returned home Sunday night. * * * Society The annual Poe reunion was held at Richards Park July 26. There were 43 present, the eldest being Mrs. Mary Poe, 85 of Brady. The youngest Poe was two-year-old Joyce. A barbecue dinner was enjoyed by the following: Mrs. Mary Poe, Mrs. G.B. Owens, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Poe, Mrs. Vallie Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Poe, Joey and Joyce, Mrs. Jack Hendley, Jackie and Andy, Odie Poe and Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Neve, all of Brady; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pinkston and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Poe, Debbie and Bob, of Lovington, N. Mex. Also attending were Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Poe of Clovis, N. Mex., Mrs. Lula Robertson and Bobbie of Brownfield; Harvey Baker, Victoria; Mrs. Mamie Baker, Goliad; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Baker, Pamela and Jerry Lynn, Colorado City; Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Poe and children of Odessa and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Myers, Sallie and Betty of Menard. Plans are in progress for the 1960 reunion, which will be held at Richards Park on July 30-31. * * * Davee appoitned to Bar Committee Brady attorney Aubrey Davee has been appointed to the Texas State Bar Association’s grievance prosecuting committee for the 21st Congressional District. Others on the committee are Justin Kever of San Angelo and W.A. Kessler of Uvalde. Among other things, the committee prosecutes the unlawful practice of law. * * * Farm Bureau to hear of Brucellosis Law Dr. Steve King will speak on “Brucellosis Area Control’ Saturday night, Aug. 1, at a meeting of the directors of the McCulloch County Farm Bureau. The directors meet at 8 p.m. at the electric co-op building. Also scheduled is a discussion of the Farm Bureau Institute to be held in Dallas Aug. 2-5. * * * Ex-Brady boy New Mexico’s champ driver Johnny Custer, a Lovington, N. Mex., teenager and son of former Brady residents Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Custer, has won the New Mexico state Road-E-O contest held in Las Vegas. As the state’s best teenage driver, he scored highest in a series of written and driving tests and will receive a trip to Washington, D.C., Aug. 10-13 to represent New Mexico in the national contest. Johnny’s mother credited his success to his high school driver education course. “In a former copy of the Brady Standard, Mr. Bob Wilson, writing in his column, ‘In This Corner,’ stated that he thought driver education had no part in the school. “I’m afraid I disagree with him, because if Johnny had not had the driver course he could never have won a wonderful trip like this. “To tell the truth I think it would be wise if our schools required all teenagers to take this course. I think there would be a lot fewer wrecks. “The pupils here get half of the credit for the course and it is a half-semester subject. They have a paid instructor and he is furnished a new car by the Buick company, and the school has a department fully equipped with the latest equipment. “Again I say I am very grateful that our son had the chance to take a driving course.” Mrs. Custer will be remembered as the former Margaret Murphy, daughter of Mrs. H.B. Murphy of Brady. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS Visit with parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Ward, Betty, and John Wesley, of Devine, were Sunday night guests in the home of Mrs. Ward’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Lackey. They were on a sight-seeing tour to the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico, Colorado and part of Wyoming, and expect to be gone about 10 days. * * * Here from San Antonio Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Collier and son, Joe Boy, of San Antonio have been guests the past few days in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hendley. * * * Attends Traffic Parley Brady Police Chief Carl Lenhart attended a traffic conference in Austin last Thursday. The conference, working on accident prevention, is a project of the Department of Public Safety in cooperation with other states.

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