Mammograms give women a fighting chance against deadly breast cancer

The statistics are staggering. In the next year, 224,600 cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in the United States alone. In an effort to continue the fight against breast cancer and provide McCulloch County residents with effective screening, the HOTMH is moving into its third year of providing mammograms for the early detection of breast cancer. Certified as accredited mammography provider, the HOTMH is another branch of the radiology department and is headed up by Cheryl Albitz, a registered mammography technician. “The capability of providing mammograms here in McCulloch County is just a part of what we as a hospital are doing to eliminate some of the hassle of having screening and tests done,” said Albitz. “We are continually trying to bring modern technology and convenience to Brady and McCulloch County.” As director of the mammography department at the hospital, Albitz says she cannot stress the importance of becoming educated about the tests and the process of screening for breast cancer. “A lot of people are uneducated about the necessity for these tests,” said Albitz. “There are a lot of horror stories about mammographies, but don’t believe everything you hear until you find out for yourself.” The non-invasive mammography procedure is performed only with a physician’s referral. Answers to general questions and information about breast cancer, however, are part of the job that Albitz appreciates. If people have questions, she is always willing to listen. “The best defense against breast cancer is performing self examinations,” said Albitz. “Women need to be aware of the importance of screening and tests, especially women over the age of 40.” Women who have questions about mammograms can contact Albitz during regular business hours at the hospital by calling 597-2901.

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