Higher water, sewer rates effective with August bills

Increased water and sewer rates become effective next month when Brady residents receive their August bills. Amendments to ordinances raising the rates were passed on third and final readings by the City Council Tuesday night. Also passed was a new ordinance regulating garbage collection. Although the ordinance does not set the rate, the Council probably will pass a resolution later increasing the garbage fees from 75′ to $1 for residences. A new formula also being worked out to set the fee for business houses according to the average volume of garbage collected. The new residential water rates on the first 4,000 gallons will be $2.75 (now $2.50), and the next 11,000 gallons will cost 15 cents per thousand (now five cents). Water above 15,000 gallons will be 10 cents per thousand (now five cents). Like the residential rate, the commercial rate will cost $2.75 for the first 4,000 (now $2.50), but the next 96,000 gallons will cost 20 cents per thousand (now 15 cents). Above 100,000 gallons the price will be 15 cents (now 10 cents). The sewer amendment for residences will raise the charge from 50 cents per month to 75 cents for the first four fixtures, plus 10 cents for each additional fixture. Sewer charges for other classifications (hotels, laundries, garages, businesses, etc.) will be raised proportionally, ranging from 25 cents to $1. City Supt. James Feazelle told the Council of an old problem which brings complaints “every month when people come in to pay their bills.” People who rent out rooms or apartments in their homes are billed for water and lights at the commercial rate, rather than the cheaper residential rate.” “But when the apartment is vacant they don’t think they should have to pay the commercial rate,” Feazelle explained. And he and the Council agreed that the system isn’t quite fair, but they couldn’t see how to correct it, since there are so many various types of rental situations. “If we put them back on the residential rate when the apartment is vacant, they won’t come in and tell us when they rent it again,” Feazelle pointed out, and to require the apartments be put on separate meters would mean costly rewiring and new plumbing. The Council asked Feazelle to investigate how other cities handle the problem. * * * Melvin calls vote on water bonds The City of Melvin is calling a revenue bond election for Saturday, Aug. 8, to improve Melvin’s waterworks system. Most of the bond money will be spent in reworking the present well. Mayor A.P. Waldrep said a salt strata somewhere down in the well apparently has eaten through the well casing, allowing salt to ruin the good water. “We think it’s about 200 to 300 feet down,” he added. The well is 2,300 feet deep and water stands in the casing within 180 feet of the top “so we have lots of water,” Waldrip explained. There is a chance also that a second well will be drilled to be used as a standby in case of trouble in the first well. “We’ve had some bids, and now seems like a good time to drill while these rigs are standing idle.” Waldrep said. Cost of the bonds to improve the waterworks system will be paid from revenue out of Melvin water and gas system. No tax money is involved, and no taxes will be raised. The election calls for the issuance of $80,000 in bonds, divided in two propositions: $39,000 for improvements and extensions in the waterworks system, and $41,000 to pay off and refund an equal amount of bonds now outstanding against the city’s water and gas system. The $41,000 issue is a legal requirement. “We’ll just substitute the new bonds for the old ones,” Waldrep said. The election will be held at the Community Center. W.B. Meeks will be the election judge; G.C. Hubbard, assistant judge; and V.Y. Middleton and Mrs. Howard Parks, clerks. * * * Fire does only minor damage Fire early Wednesday morning caused only minor damage to the Roy Pallett home at 503 South Oak Street. A mattress and some clothes caught on fire about 7 a.m., but most of the blaze was out when the fire trucks arrived. Pallett is a mechanic at Duncan Chevrolet. * * * Mercury News It’s a pleasure to report the wonderful rains since Sunday morning. It is impossible to give any definite measure for the rainfall. This whole one-fourth of the county seems to have had between four and five inches and it just won’t stay measured. There have been two heavy rains here today. Corn Creek was on a rampage by 9 a.m. this morning from a three-inch rain around Placid. Cedar Creek is running through the Rice Ranch, and more rain over there is expected this afternoon. The Colorado River is up 17 feet. A group of almost 100 persons enjoyed a most pleasant meeting at the Placid School house last Tuesday night at the Precinct No. 4 meeting to nominate directors to be voted on at the annual meeting of McCulloch County Electric Co-op, Inc. In a short business meeting Oscar Beakley (re-elected) and Lockett Bryson were nominated and other routine business taken care of. Luther Smith presided as chairman and Mrs. Lowell Smith as secretary. * * * News from Fife We have had good rains since Sunday. Most places in this area received from three to six inches Sunday and showers since then. Elm Creek was overflowing Sunday after heavy rains fell in the Lohn Community. Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Byrd and children left Saturday for Idaho where W.B. will be employed after spending two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mitchell. Mrs. Gertrude Curtis of Houston and Mrs. Inez Coonrod of Corpus Christi were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Patterson and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Underwood. * * * Lohn News There will be a miscellaneous shower held at the Lohn Tabernacle Wednesday, July 29, from 3-5 p.m. to compliment Miss Nettie Jo Barton of Denver, Colo., bride-elect of Robert Gardner of that city. Miss Barton is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Barton. Hostesses for the occasion will be Mmes. G.A. Newton, Bill Browning, H.W. Huie, Sidney Coonrod and Ira Hester. Visiting with Mrs. Lilly Ludwick Sunday were Mr. and mrs. Samuel Fullagar and Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. j.E. White Sr., of Brady and Susan Snodgrass of Dallas. Monday callers were Mrs. J.S. Deck of Eden and Mrs. Frank Deck of Corpus Christi. * * * PERSONAL MENTIONS White horse wins third Tom Moud, a thoroughbred owned by G.R. White of brady, placed third in the first race at La Mesa Park Race Track, Raton, N. Mex., last Saturday. Tom Moud is a three-year-old gelding. * * * Hollands on visit Mr. and Mrs. Russ Holland and daughters, Roseanne and Kay of Kingsville, who are enjoying an outing at Granite Shoals, were up the first of the week for a visit with friends. Roseanne continued on to Slaton for a week’s visit. * * * At Millersview revival The Rev. Ervin R. Watson, pastor of the First Christian Church, is conducting a revival this week in Millersview, with services each evening at 8 p.m. The revival continues through Sunday evening, July 26. During Mr. Watson’s absence from his own church next Sunday morning, Lt. Ronald Salter, a recent West Point graduate from Brady, will preach at 10:45 a.m. The best salesman in this area is a Standard-Herald Want-Ad.

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