Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, One hundred years of Brady’s picturesque courthouse came alive on June 30, with an outstanding acting, music, flag waving, and fellowship. I am so glad that my mother, Estelle Williamson, and I didn’t miss a minute of it. Just like the human heart depends on a strong beat … Brady depends on strong people. Thank you all for caring about the Heart of Texas. Also I hope the “Keep Brady Beautiful” project is a great success. There are many areas that need fixing up, and I know it can be done because Brady cares how outsiders view them. During the week I visited Brady and Rochelle’s old homeplaces, I was very hurt to find my own grand-mother’s ranchhouse had been vandalized. I reported it to the correct people before I read the “Letter To the Editor” sent in by June Rice. Years ago this very same malicious defacing of private property occurred to some of the same homes. Like Ms. Rice said, “I’m unable to understand why.” There are great young people and adults, as proven during the July Jubilee events, but who are the few that take the joy out of such a wonderful gift of freedom. I am mad, too! Annette Williamson Wise Sugarland, Tex.

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